24 April 2013

Misreading the Signs

14 Iyyar 5773
Pesach Sheini
Day 29 of the Omer

Although without prophecy it's impossible to know for certain how to interpret the signs and messages that Heaven sends us, if we are knowledgeable in our sources, we can make an educated guess.

The recent post-Pesach rain in Israel has been a favorite topic of conversation and where I work, I hear a lot of conversation.  Almost without exception, people saw it as a very positive thing.  One person said we should be thanking the people who must have continued to pray mashiv haruach umorid hageshem past the appointed time.

I was not so sure and I felt somehow uncomfortable with the talk.  Our sources tell us that rain in the wrong season is not a blessing.  And now we know why...

Israel: Unseasonably Cold Weather Results in Over 20 Million NIS Loss for Farmers

The unseasonably cold wintry weather around Israel in the past week has been most costly for farmers, who report many crops were destroyed. The loss to crops occurred primarily in the center and north of the country. The fund established to assist farmers in such cases reports receiving over 500 claims, primarily due to high winds, hail and heavy rains. The experts feel the figure given, over 20 million NIS is low and in time, that number will increase significantly.

The major loss was from the hail in the north and center, destroying summer fruits including plums, cherries, peaches and nectarines.

We learn that Hashem often uses the weather as a means for communicating with us how we are doing, so to speak. Now, tell me, based on this, how are we doing? Was last week's exceptional weather in Israel a pat on the head or a poch on the cheek? I think it's important that we learn to discern the difference, don't you?

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