03 April 2013

Mida k'Neged Mida

24 Nisan 5773
9 days or 1 week & 2 days of the Omer

It means "measure for measure" and it describes the way G-d very often deals with man.

In this instance, Iran threatens Israel with nukes. Israel prepares to neutralize the threat. The US inserts itself and prevents Israel from acting. Comes North Korea - by the hand of the Almighty - and threatens the US with nukes.

The Americans can't decide whether to be afraid or not. Their analysts say that Kim Jong Un is rational, but on the other hand, he is young and untested and has so far backed up his bellicosity with a move not seen before in the history of North/South relations - he shut down the joint industrial area today sending 50,000 North Korean workers home. According to NBC reporter Richard Engel:  "This is seen as an ominous sign."

So, all eyes are on the threat against the US and it's allies and assets abroad.

Concerned Officials Warn: “North Korea Could Explode a High-Altitude Nuclear Device Over the United States”

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s rhetoric over nuclear weapons and the possibility of war with the United States and its allies makes almost no plausible sense considering that their long range missile capabilities are lacking and their military hardware is reportedly outdated when compared to the militaries of developed western nations. While the communist regime does have millions of soldiers at their disposal, the notion that North Korea will start and win a war against the U.S. seems outlandish.

So, either Kim Jong Un’s recent actions are a part of internal posturing to keep the North Korean populace compliant through propaganda, or the young leader has been empowered by an ace up his sleeve that the North’s enemies do not yet fully understand.

The idea that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea may have a secret weapon of sorts may sound far-fetched, but not everyone considers it an impossibility. With the U.S. deploying naval assets to the region and Chinese troops mobilizing en masse at the border, there is a distinct possibility that a military clash of some type is in the works.

In December of last year, the DPRK launched an orbital satellite, which left many wondering about its payload. Could it be that this ‘space launch vehicle’ is carrying a star wars type nuclear weapons package?Some U.S. officials seem to think so, and they’re sounding the alarm:

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