17 April 2013

Missiles on Eilat

7 Iyyar 5773
Day 22 of the Omer

Eilat airfield briefly closed as rockets hit town from Sinai

Eilat airfield was closed for a couple of hours Wednesday morning, April 17, after five Grad missiles were launched from Sinai. Three exploded in Israel’s southernmost town; two more near the neighboring Jordanian town of Aqaba.

...Incoming intelligence of Al Qaeda groups in the Sinai Peninsula winding up preparations for a multiple attack on an Israeli location, such as Eilat, and a US military target in the Negev, has put southern Israel and US forces posted there on high terror alert.

...Eilat may be one target but others are thought to be US forces based in the Negev and also the many American officers and men of the MFO peacekeeping force in northern Sinai.

This used to be Britain - soldiers scattered around the world, protecting the interests of the British Empire. As the British and every other empire before it has gone, so will go the American Empire.

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