08 April 2013

"Sinkhole Nation"

28 Nisan 5773
13 Days of the Omer
Yom HaShoah

Well, we knew it was coming.  The US is hellbent on establishing the Juden-rein Arab State of Palestine in the very heart of Eretz Yisrael.

Kerry May Have Offered Abbas Incentives at Israel's Expense

...sources said that Kerry offered to release all PA tax funds and to ensure Israel does not withhold the PA’s tax revenue in the future.

Washington's top diplomat also reportedly offered to extend the Palestinian Authority's jurisdiction, particularly in Area C, the area of Judea and Samaria which is under full Israeli control, according to Ma’an.

Kerry also proposed allowing PA Arabs to build more freely in Area C,....

While they are busy trying to take the land right out from under us and give it to our mortal enemies, Hashem is trying to remind them that it is not theirs to give. Their own land is very literally falling right out from under them.

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It's a two-sided message: 1) They should stop bargaining with land which does not belong to them or they wil lose their own; 2) We should take heart and not be discouraged. Hashem sees and knows and will surely act. All of His promises for good to us will certainly be fulfilled.

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