18 June 2012

It's HOT outside!

28 Sivan 5772

If I had a dollar for every time someone has said this to me over the past couple of days...

Yes. It's definitely hot outside.

It was officially 99 degrees in Jerusalem yesterday. And at 4 pm, I just checked and Yerushamayim says it's currently 93 and feels like 95. The low overnight is only going down to the mid-seventies. But the good news for us is that by tomorrow night it will be back to normal - ten to fifteen degrees cooler and only to the mid eighties the rest of the week.

Unfortunately for those in the NYC area, the misery will only be beginning...

Weather Journal: City Braces for Record Heat
By Eric Holthaus

A full-fledged heat wave will hit Greater New York later this week, with public health implications for the New York City area.

High temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday will challenge all-time records, and heat indexes will top 100 degrees, especially in urban parts of northeast New Jersey. The two-day streak will be by far the hottest readings of the year and could be enough to make June the 16th consecutive above-normal month in New York City.

More dangerously, low temperatures for later this week are expected to fall only into the upper 70s — roughly the same temperature as typical average highs for late June. After Chicago’s deadly heat wave in 1995, public health experts began to realize that it was precisely these abnormally hot low temperatures that added the most deadly stress to humans — the elderly and those without air conditioners simply didn’t have a break from the heat. Low temperatures are warming faster than high temperatures, leading to an increase in mortality risk from heat waves, which already kill more people each year than floods, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes combined.

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