24 June 2012

Fire & Water

4 Tamuz 5772
New Colorado wildfire erupts, grows out of control
A wildfire near Colorado Springs has quickly grown to more than 2,000 acres and prompted thousands of residents to flee their homes, while another fire to the north claimed more than a dozen cabins and structures after sweeping through a Rocky Mountain neighborhood.

Hot, dry and gusty conditions are expected to continue into Sunday after fueling the two fires that erupted a day earlier. At least seven wildfires are now burning across Colorado, where officials have been challenged by one of the most severe wildfire seasons in recent memory.

...5,000 residents of Manitou Springs, just several miles west of Colorado Springs, were ordered to evacuate.

Evacuation orders also had been in place on the west side of Colorado Springs and in the towns of Cascade and Ute Pass.

In some neighborhoods, Colorado Springs police cruisers rolled down streets, issuing the order to leave through a loudspeaker.

"Colorado Springs Police Department," an officer said. "This is a mandatory evacuation notice. Evacuate now."

Hundreds of other residents were under voluntary evacuation orders and have been packing up, the newspaper reported.

I lived in Colorado Springs from 1993-1994 and in Denver from 1995 to 1996 when I went on aliyah. Colorado Springs is a major center for evangelical Xian "ministries." It appears that Hashem is using both fire and water to kasher his world.

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  1. Utah is also burning: