28 June 2012

Fire as far as you can see

8 Tamuz 5772

Pictured is the city of Colorado Springs at the base of Pike's Peak.

What's been dubbed The Waldo Canyon Fire was purportedly started by a fallen meteorite and now a fire near Boulder has been set by lightning and "Mother Nature" is making everything worse with the high winds and three-digit temperatures. It clouds up like it's gonna rain and the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls, but there is no rain.

Moriah points out in a comment that the word Colorado is Spanish meaning "colored red" like Edom! And I had forgotten that besides being home to the (antisemitic) United States Air Force Academy, it is also home to the "secret" Cheyenne Mountain government complex.

More facts about Colorado Springs:

"Not long ago, Colorado Springs was a fairly small typical Western town with a mix of military people, blue-collar workers and a few colorful characters looking to escape city life. But today, it's a booming city that's home to more than 100 evangelical Christian organizations."
Colorado Springs a Mecca for Evangelical Christians
Colorado Springs Evangelical Christian Ministries Directory


  1. Hashem destroys their gods before the Redemption -- just like when we slaughtered the lambs before we left Egypt.