17 June 2012

FIRE! (Again)

27 Sivan 5772

There have been a very unusually large number of incidents of fires in the past few months. I have a feeling that there is a message in it - a very scary message...

These are just the most recent reports:

Children Escape Burning Bus with Seconds to Spare

Ten People Injured in Jerusalem Blaze, One Seriously

Yeshiva Heavily Damaged in Blaze


  1. These are not normal fires, these are Arson fires. Our Shul in Jerusalem was fire bombed twice last week.

  2. Rabbi Nachman teaches in Likutey Moharan (Torah 67 in the second section) that after a tzadik passes away, fires break out.

  3. Rabbi Nachman teaches that fires break out after the death of a tzaddik (Torah 67 in the second section of Likutei Moharan)

  4. The fires are in the Talpiot Mizrach / Armon Hanasiv area. The Young Israel of Talpiot Mizrach area.