21 March 2012

It's not business as usual...anywhere

27 Adar 5772

In Israel, it's funerals.

In France, it's shoot outs and bombings.

In Mexico, it's earthquake and drought.

In the US, it's record heat or record snow or flooding rains and destructive winds.

Quote: Storms rattled Tulsa, Okla., Tuesday morning with thunder so strong that it registered on seismic equipment. Meteorologist Pete Snyder felt his home shake and several concerned residents called the National Weather Service to ask if there had been an earthquake.

Quote: ...Jeff Masters, founder of the website WeatherUnderground and probably the internet's most widely read meteorologist, put it from his Michigan base: "...this is not the atmosphere I grew up with. ...Never before has such an extended period of extreme and record-breaking warm temperatures affected such a large portion of the U.S. in March, going back to the beginning of record keeping in the late 1800s," Masters wrote.

In Australia, it's more floods, but this may becoming "business as usual" for them.

Damaging winds are a problem in India and New Zealand.

Heck! The whole planet is in the middle of an electron storm!

Quote: The number of energetic electrons in Earth's outer radiation belt is significantly elevated. According to analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the enhancement is caused by the aftermath of recent geomagnetic storms mixed with a high-speed solar wind stream. "Spacecraft at GEO, MEO and other orbits passing through or in the vicinity of the Earth's outer radiation belt can be impacted," they say.