12 March 2012

Purim War?

18 Adar 5772

This is a picture of the iron dome anti-missile battery in operation. (In Hebrew it's "iron kipa.") I think that in a couple of weeks we will look back and realize that it all started as Purim ended in Eretz Yisrael.

Ashdod Under Attack ‘Like Never Before’

Video: Grad Missile Hitting Be'er Sheva

Video: ‘The Wise Men’ of 2005: No Rocket Threat after Gaza Exit

According to Debka...

...The Iran-backed Jihad has in its arsenal Fajr 5 missiles whose range is 110 kilometers and Fajr 3 which has a 60-kilometer reach. They bring into range Israel’s urban, commercial and population hub cities between Tel Aviv and Rehovoth, which are outside the range of the Grads and Qassams, more 110 of which were fired from Gaza since Friday.

Military sources told debkafile that the Jihad terrorists are aiming for a spectacular, multi-fatality strike in a major Israeli city before ending this round of violence on order to strut as victors in Palestinian and Middle East public eyes. This ambition has been frustrated for three days by the Israeli invention, the Iron Dome interceptor of short-range missiles, which has saved important towns like Beersheba and the ports of Ashdod and Ashkelon from casualties and serious damage by intercepting the Grads before they land.

Islami Jihad tacticians are thought to be wracking their brains for some gadget capable of disarming the Iron Dome batteries.

...Debkafile’s military sources foresee a Palestinian war of attrition stretching out into the next couple of months. Unless halted by a ceasefire, it could escalate sharply if Jihad introduces Fajr missiles to its operations and./or if Israel decides to send its army into the Gaza Strip and finally root out the missile threat Palestinian extremists have been wielding against Israeli civilians for a decade.

Stay tuned to the continuing saga of "Israel's Wars."

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  1. Just like Purim's events told in the Megillah could be seen as miraculous once all the events, some separated by many months, others by many years, were strung together in story form in the Megillah, so too we will see how right now we are Moshiach's times, although can't quite connect the dots, but surely the dots began - not this Purim, but back when Purim ended (?or started) way back when Iraq sent their Scud missiles raining down on little Israel, and not one soul died on account of them, when one single such missile that landed on the Americans in Saudi Arabia killed scores of Americans. Remember?