20 March 2012

Nisan: The Month of Redemption

27 Adar 5772

From The Book of Our Heritage by Eliyahu Kitov:

One who experiences redemption has emerged from darkness into light. One who has never suffered the oppression of bondage, will not appreciate redemption. The very essence of redemption is the freedom which has its source in the bondage itself. Had Israel not been enslaved, they would never have experienced true freedom. Once they were enslaved, that very enslavement gave rise to their redemption. From the midst of that darkness---and from nowhere else---light burst forth. Our Sages taught: Israel said to God, "Master of the Universe, when will You redeem us?" God answered: "When you descend to the lowest level---at that moment I shall redeem you."

...this is true of all the troubles and sorrows that the offspring of Ya'akov have suffered throughout history. All of them were transformed into salvation, and the greater the darkness, the greater was the light which followed. This is true of the final redemption as well---its light shall burst forth from the midst of darkness. At the very time when hearts tremble in despair, the glory of God will shine forth. And when will this be? In the month of Nisan, for God has established it as a time of redemption for all generations. Every trial or misfortune which befalls Israel during this month is but an assurance that the redemption is about to begin.

..."This month shall be for you." ...He established a month of redemption---a month in which they would be redeemed from Egypt and a month in which they are ultimately destined to be redeemed....

If redemption is coming THIS Pesach, I expect we will begin to see some very big things beginning around Rosh Chodesh Nisan.


  1. "At the very time when hearts tremble in despair, the glory of God will shine forth. And when will this be? In the month of Nisan"

    My husband read that to me the day before yesterday in preparation of Pesach. Please Hashem, make it so!

  2. So it seems. Have you read that Russia has Just Docked their ships in Syria http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/russian-anti-terror-troops-arrive-syria/story?id=15954363#.T2kLPsWiDRf and the GRA has said that when This happens we should start to prepare our clothing for Moshiach as mentioned by Yak http://yeranenyaakov.blogspot.com/2008/08/hevlei-mashiah-bizmaneinu-russian.html

  3. Parashat Hahodesh