09 November 2011

Sharing Thoughts

12 Cheshvan 5772

I'm a captive audience. I'm forced to listen as a self-satisfied, pompous ignoramus pours forth lies and slanders against the faithful of Hashem. My heart pounds and I can feel the flame of my zealous soul flare up and begin to choke me. Ad matai!!?

I dare not grant it release to act. It's not yet time. The birur must be allowed to continue until the time of freewill is over. So I concentrate on reading the day's news. Anything to blot out the droning voice of heresy.

A story catches my eye: Bereaved Father: We've Lost Faith in the System
"Shalom Rachum, whose son Ophir was killed by terrorists after being lured to Ramallah by a female terrorist in 2001, expressed his disappointment on Tuesday over the treatment his family has received from the Israeli authorities.

...“I’ve had difficult days since she was released,” he said. “I’ve lost faith in the country and the system. I feel sad and isolated. I have other children so I cannot afford to sit and feel sorry for myself, but the recent period since she was let go has been too much to bear.”
My heart is moved to pity and compassion for this son of Israel. I can sympathize with his pain and confusion, but I know that he is swallowing a bitter spiritual medicine which will ultimately bring healing to his soul. This is precisely what he needs - to lose "faith" in the state and the system. We must put our faith and trust ONLY IN HKB"H and HIM ALONE.

So. The asteroid danger has passed...for now.

Biggest asteroid in 35 years swings close to Earth

..."'It's a fantastic opportunity to educate the public that there are things out in space that we need to be aware of,' including this latest flyby, said observatory director Ron Dantowitz.

...If an asteroid that size would hit the planet, Purdue University professor Jay Melosh calculated the consequences. The impact would carve a crater four miles across and 1,700 feet deep. And if it slammed into the ocean, it would trigger 70-foot-high tsunami waves. "

And it would appear that there will be no serious 'fallout' from the remains of Comet Elenin. All of this should make us extremely aware of Divine protection and extremely grateful. When we contemplate what could have been.... It is only Hashem's protective hand which holds back all the destructiveness of nature-just-running-its-course. We were meant to see it, be aware of it and tremble at the possibilities and then to give thanks for the warning and resolve yet again to be better people, more deserving of such Providential kindness.

Now, to Iran. Clearly, Israel and the whole world are being maneuvered into a corner. There is no way to avoid this war. This will be the ultimate showdown between East and West and Israel will be caught in the middle. The price of oil will skyrocket just as the coldest winter on record falls over Europe and America. Today's riots and public demonstrations will pale by comparison to what is coming. And make no mistake, the Jews are going to be blamed - like always - and the Jews in foreign lands will bear the brunt of it. Not only will they be suffering from the failed economy, the breakdown of societyand the ravages of nature along with their compatriots, but they will also suffer from a resurgence of blatant antisemitism the likes of which the world has not seen in 70 years.

Everyone understands at some level that Achmadinejad is a gilgul of Haman HaRasha and perhaps even Hitler, yemach shemo, also was. (Interesting how he is always short and always egotistical.) He is (and was) the fulfillment of "God will raise up a king like Haman who will want to annihilate the entire Jewish people...." And he will cause all Israel to do teshuva, i.e. the situation and resulting troubles which evolve from his being in power will force Israel to do teshuva.

This can be compared to a man who habitually overeats, despite knowing that it is a sin, since it destroys his health and will eventually put his life at risk. If he recognizes the folly of his ways and corrects himself, he can be restored to good health without any further consequence. However, if he persists, one day his health will break down in some way directly related to his increased weight. If he still refuses to abandon his sin, he will suffer a heart attack that will put the fear of G-d into him since he really does not want to die. The doctor will put him in the hospital and he will be put on a healthy diet of limited calories. In this way he is "forced" to "do teshuva."

Antisemitism is not a social phenomenon. It is a spiritual tool that Hashem employs to help Israel do teshuva for willful assimilation. Do yourself a favor. Put yourself on a diet before the heart attack hits.

Turkey just got hit with another earthquake, the Canary Islands volcano is still erupting, Alaska is awaiting an "epic" storm and literally millions are displaced, hungry and ill as a result of historic floods.

It is a mercy that the transformation from the current reality to the new reality of Days of Mashiach is taking place in a gradual process, although it is speeding up as it gets closer to the end, because if humanity had to endure it all at once, no one would be able to survive the shock.