01 November 2011

Any truth to the rumors?

5 Cheshvan 5772

Some people think this is the real reason a deal was suddenly struck for Gilad Shalit.

What prompted frenzied rumors in Israel of an imminent attack on Iran?

More signs Israel preparing to launch attack

Analysts Believe Israel is Moving Closer to Iran Strike

Some say this could be why the PM has cancelled his appearance at the Jewish Federations GA meeting in Denver, November 6-8, 2011.

"The Prime Minister hoped to go to the GA, but unfortunately he will have to be in Israel during that week," the Jewish Federations of North America said in a statement....

Just to muddy things a bit more, that is the time period in which Earth will be transiting through Comet Elenin's debris trail. And Friday/Shabbat brings the full moon and the auspicious date - 11.11.11.