26 July 2011

July Message from the Autistic Children - Pt 1

24 Tamuz 5771



I want to tell you that I rarely sleep and eat lately, because I can not enjoy anything when I know that humans, creation of the Almighty, will go through such hard situations – so hard – so… I do not know what word to use to describe what is standing before all mankind: the destruction, death, huge dangers and situations that never occurred in our world. And of course, wars. And wars have begun, but there will be wars that ultimately will be very different from what we are used to.

God created the world. He created man and the world so completely, in every detail. And man would be perfect, and live forever, without the trouble of this world, and without all the problems of this world. There are people who want to be “like God,” but not the good characteristics – but really in His stead – sitting on the throne in His place, so to speak. And so we’ve arrived after so many years to a situation where the person is still trying to be instead of G-d. And in contrast, the righteous are trying to follow God in all His good traits and all things that the Torah dictates to us.

But the evil ones want to take over. Take over and drag people from the truth to falsehood. They want to destroy the good – and increase the evil. Because evil is the opposite of good. And this good is HKB”H. And they believe it is possible to fight against God, God forbid and forever. But God allows them to think and act until all the evil comes to the top completely, until everyone can see clearly what is falsehood and what is evil. It is amazing that already so many years that man more or less thought that he’s taking over this world and that in reality, he was successful in going down stage by stage until the abyss, and ultimately evil will finish itself off and the good, that is the least, will grow and fill the world.

Jews are the best, but only the real Jews and not the Erev Rav. And even among the Jews, there will remain only a few, but the best. And they will be the basis of the next world – the world of Mashiach – of the Beit Hamikdash and korbanot, etc.

In a short time, we’ll face the most difficult trials worldwide and also, in Israel. Do not be afraid. And I’m talking only to the real Jews: Do not be afraid! God will give you everything you need. Hashem will watch over all the real Jews. When I write “real,” it does not mean Jews who can show their pedigree to the world. Even a Jew with a pedigree can be Erev Rav. And every Jew who was standing on Mount Sinai is a real Jew, but that does not mean that everyone stood on Mount Sinai. There are Jews who are sure they are real Jews, observe mitzvot, study Torah, but there’s only one problem: they go against the truth; which is exactly the sign. They took the Torah and confused interpretations to fit it to what they want. And I know that what I just said is very dangerous, because the Erev Rav can now say “Wow! Sure what we are doing is the truth!”

Jews who are trying to get to the truth through turning to Yiddishkeit as it once was, true Yiddishkeit, these are Jewish souls, usually; any Jew who really wants the truth, not so-called “truth” according to the majority of Jews. Let’s give examples: Jews seeking heterim for clear halachot that heterim are not possible, like for example heterim about modesty – this is, of course, Erev Rav. Jews that condemn each other and cause serious disputes, or informers to the government or social services or various other things like this, they can’t be Jews! The Jewish heart can’t do a thing like this. It’s known that in our period of time the majority of the Jews are Erev Rav and there’s no one at all who can deny this because it was already written by the hands of Gedolei HaDor from previous years, in generations before ours, written clearly. There is a man indeed that is really Jewish, but he belongs to society and is therefore confused.. Still, he does not have the evil inclination, the evilness of the Erev Rav. And we feel the difference between confused ones and evil ones. The evil ones adopt all the bad things, and the confused ones go along with them because of the confusion, but ultimately they will arrive at the truth. However, the Erev Rav can under no circumstances arrive at the truth. So, prepare for the most difficult times and pray and return in teshuva sin by sin, because the end is really close.

(To be continued...)