"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

24 July 2011

Glenn Beck is on a mission from God

22 Tamuz 5771

On 20 April 2011, before "Restoring Courage in Jerusalem" was announced, Glenn Beck described for his listeners what can only be defined as his "call from God." I think he is dangerous and delusional and this is the proof.

The "founders" left America as the "guardians of Man's freedom."

(Transcript from the video entitled: Beck explains "the plan that [God] would have me articulate, I think, to you")

"Will you pick up the mantle, left to you by the founders, to be the guardians of Man's freedom? [particularly, "freedom" for everyone to worship as they choose] ...I believe your God will ask you, 'What did you do?' ...Yesterday, when I walked out of the studio, I looked at Pat and I almost said, I said, "I can feel it, coming," and he said, "I know." He said, "They are just, they are just strong in power, and focus." And I said, "It's just darkness and I can just feel it coming." .I started to say, I said, "The problem is, is that," and I stopped, because I don't want to utter something like this without really thinking it through. But, I was about to say, "The problem is, is that God is giving a plan, I think, to me, that is not really a plan," and I stopped myself, because, I didn't want to utter those things out loud. If that's not exactly right and it's not, that time of reflection that took me about 30 seconds, as Pat stood there going, [under his breath] "Do you think he forgot we were standing there having a conversation?" Then I said, "The problem is that I think the plan that the Lord would have us follow is hard for people to understand, but I'm telling you, here's what I feel with everything that is in me. [Under his breath] (Boy are they gonna use this against me.) If you've listened to this program for a long time, you know who I am, um, and you know that many of the things that I've done and said that have put me, you know, in harm's way, one way or another. They always start at the same place. they always start at my gut or my heart and then I figure it out as we go along. All the stuff I feel has been important on this show has been things that I felt and didn't understand. I say because of my track record with you who've been here a long time, because of my track record with you, I beg of you to help me get this message out and I beg of you to pray for clarity on my part. The plan that HE would have me articulate, I think, to you, is "Get behind me." And I don't mean "me," I mean HIM. "Get behind Me. Stand behind Me." I truly believe, I have done years now, of reading, the founders, the diaries, the letters, the Pilgrims, their diaries, their letters! I've read the first hand letters; I've held them in my hands!! The exchanges between the founders. I've held their actual letters in my hand! I have seen it with my own eyes and I will tell you that God was instrumental and they knew it! They knew that they had very little to do with it. They just stood where they were supposed to stand and said what they were supposed to say as HE directed... That's what He's asking us to do. Stand peacefully, quietly with anger, quiet with anger, loudly with truth. Faith is the answer. Get on your knees! Don't let it take another 9/11! Get on your knees! I don't care what church you go to; no church at all, I don't care! Turn to HIM!

...we were starting the TV show and there were things that I did that I wouldn't do now because I had to be more of an entertainer to get people to go "What is that show at 5 o'clock?" I never said anything that I didn't believe, but I may have said things in an entertaining fashion. ...I also had to figure out, I'm on a learning curve here. I had to figure out, ok, I was trying to figure out what is true and what is not and we were alone! We still are! Nobody is helping us on this. We have to piece it together...

And he has the chutspah to proclaim for his new network: GBTV - the truth lives here