23 February 2011

Where is "Home"?

19 Adar I 5771

On winning the Chicago mayoral election, notable Jew, Rahm Emmanuel reportedly said: 'You sure know how to make a guy feel at home.'

That can change overnight. Historically, just when the Jews most felt at home in their chosen place of exile, that's when Hashem essentially pulled the rug out from under them. How much more so now when the geula is arriving before our very eyes!

Shirat Devorah recounts the incredible situation that the Christchurch, NZ Jewish community is facing since yesterday's powerful earthquake in her post entitled---Christchurch Population Urged to Relocate.

The message could not be clearer, but is anyone listening? Does anyone really care what Hashem wants from us? Or are we only concerned with the present reality which though flawed is at least familiar to us?

If we truly love HKB"H, we will set aside our own petty, selfish desires and cooperate with Hashem to bring the geula with mercy, for the sake of the honor of His Blessed Name.

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