14 February 2011

"Simplify, Focus, Separate"

10 Adar I 5771

I found a folder full of articles that I wrote a few years ago. I hope to post them as I go through and see if they are still relevant. Here's one from Feb 2008. It might be something I saved from the beginning of this blog which actually started in Dec 2007, but at one time I started deleting from the beginning. Anyway, here it is...


I know. It's easy to point out the problems, but what we really need are some solutions. We have to realize that it is too late for many things that might have helped us earlier on. Right now, we have to work on ourselves and try to help as many people within our own sphere of influence as we can. What do we do?

1. Simplify the message so that it is easy to remember and easy to understand.
2. Focus our energies on the root of the problems. When that is solved, everything else will fall into place.
3. Assist the flow of spiritual energy which is bringing about birur---separation. The spirit of the Erev Rav promotes mixture.



We entered into a covenant with Hashem and broke it, so we suffer the consequences until we finally decide to fulfill our end of it.

The basics are these:
---enter the land
---conquer it
---drive out the former inhabitants
---destroy all traces of their abhorrent culture and false religion
---establish a Sanhedrin
---appoint a king from the lineage of David & Solomon
---rebuild the Temple and renew its service

(That's basically what the covenant requires of us as a nation in our own Land.)


Disobedience through lack of faith.

Expressed in these ways:
---Fear of the gentiles more than fear of G-d
---Disbelief in Hashem's ability to assist us
---Disbelief in Hashem's willingness to assist us
---What applied in the past has no relevance for us today
(I'm sure you can think of others)


Creation is about harmonizing disparate entities (see Havdalah), not breaking down all the
boundaries (something the Erev Rav excels at!)

With respect to Yishmael, Eisav, the Erev Rav...

Some practical suggestions (make your own):

---Separate yourself from the nations, make aliyah
---Don't hire Arabs
---Don't patronize businesses who do
---Tell them why you won't give them your business
---Don't provide your services to Arabs

---Don't call gentiles your "brothers & sisters"
---Don't support those who teach that there is no difference between a Jew and a gentile
---Don't support organizations that curry favor with gentiles
---Let them know your views and the Torah basis for them

---Learn the traits which identify the Erev Rav
---Distance yourself from them as much as possible
---Never trust them
---Learn how to fight against them

---Discuss these issues with others, it's time to take back the dialogue for the honor of the Torah.

Keep in mind that we are held responsible only for what we can do, not for what we can't.

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