02 February 2011

As Foretold...

"...And I will stir up Egyptians against Egyptians, and they shall war one man against his brother, and a man against his friend,...." (Yeshayahu 19.2)
Violent Scenes As Egyptians Turning On Each Other
Protests in Cairo turned violent on Wednesday afternoon, with protesters throwing large rocks at each other as pro-Mubarak demonstrators tore down anti-Mubarak banners that have decorated Tahrir Square for three days. Tanks on the periphery of the square were starting to move in anticipation of unruly crowds.

Live video broadcast by Al Jazeera showed men on camels and horseback hitting people in the square with whips as they rode through the crowds.

Women and children were hiding behind tanks in the streets as men in suits threw stones at each other. The protests have not been this violent in nearly a week. The army was using tear gas to disperse crowds.


  1. It is illegal, according to Torah law. Just as xianity, hinduism, buddhism et al are, too.

  2. check with your rabbi if this is indeed so, that it is illegal according to Torah law for a non-Jew to be a Muslim, a monotheistic religion. in terms of Christianity, this is a machlokes between Rambam and Tosafot whether shituf is permitted to non-Jews.

    kol tuv,

  3. He says any monotheistic religion that preaches the slaughter of Jews is forbidden to Bnei Noah as is any religion which claims that its human founder is the Creator of the World..

  4. "He says any monotheistic religion that preaches the slaughter of Jews is forbidden to Bnei Noah..."
    interesting approach, in which it is failure to adopt others of the sheva mitzvos. is that even true for people who will never have access to a Jew; or are willing to simply subject them to dhimmitude? at any rate, this strikes me as not a violation of idolatry, which was the implication of your comment above.

    "which claims that its human founder is the Creator of the World"
    is that what they (all) claim, when the human founder hadn't arrived yet? there are different approaches to the Trinity, just as there are different approaches and understandings of the Ten Sefirot. One needs to be an expert in Christian doctrine to know for certain.

  5. I personally dispute the notion that islam is a monotheistic religion, allah (as opposed to Ilah which is a neutral term for G-d) is the name of a specific head-deity of pagan arab origin like zeus was to the Greeks and Odin was to the Norse.

    Allah was eventually elevated by the false prophet into a monotheistic-like deity and served as the false prophet’s “alter-ego” that conveniently justified his wicked actions by declaring in one “revelation” that allah forgives his past and future sins.

    Another reason I question the idea of allah being a monotheistic deity apart from possessing attributes of someone like Saddam or Kaddafi (rather than a loving G-d), is the fact that followers of islam do not say allah wahid (allah is one) but allah akbar (allah is greater) implying not only the existance of other deities but its superiority over them (which in muslim eyes would also heaven-forbid include “the God of Israel”).

    After all, why would the arab janjaweed say to black sudanese in Darfur that “we have killed your god” despite the latter also being fellow muslims?

    When it comes to the Rambam saying that islam (along with x-tianity) is a legitimate path to G-d, one has to bear in mind that he mostly resided in islamic countries so he had to walk on eggshells when it came to discussing islam. Otherwise he would have probably been as outspoken on islam as Geert Wilders or Zakaria Botros are today, especially since he already considered muhammed a mad-man in the Epistle of Yemen.

  6. I was referring to sarasmiles "murderous rage." I don't know why you connected it to idolatry.

    I am an expert in xian doctrine. They proclaim Yeshu to be "God" and pray to him as "God." Their book which they claim is equal to our Torah says:

    "He [Yeshu] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. (Colossians 1:15-16)

  7. All Christians believe Yeshu to be G-d. It is in their doctrine. It is not an issue of Shituf. As far as Muslims are concerned, it is more complicated, but at least as their doctrine is explained in modern times by a majority of their religious leadership, they advocate the murder of Jews. This would be a violation of "Not murdering" which is one of the 7 Noachide laws.