06 February 2011

Second American Revolution (Part 2)

3 Adar `א

I have to say that my feelings are mixed when it comes to encouraging Western, particularly American, Jews to make aliyah. Invariably, they want to drag America with them when they come. They want to strengthen democracy and tolerance. They view the Israel/America relationship as sacrosanct and perpetuate the xian image of the Jewish G-d. All things which I personally abhor. It is the American immigrants who have made the shidduchim whereby missionaries and "right-wing" politicians have gained entre to Israeli society.

Take Mike Huckabee for example. The English news division of Arutz Sheva (American immigrants by and large) is gaga over him. (Do a search and se how many articles have been written about him for A7.) An American Jewess, who visits Israel frequently, came into my workplace the other day and raved on and on about getting her picture taken with Huckabee. They call him "a solid supporter of Israel;" wants to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem (please don't!); says the Arabs have 22 other countries to live in (yes, but what about the Israeli Arabs?).

It so happens that Mike Huckabee is one of those new revolutionaries who wants to take the US back to it's true xian roots. If the theocrats in America can take over the political landscape by infiltrating all the higher offices, they don't need to resort to a coup.

Huckabee: Change the Constitution to bring it in line with "G-d's standards" (as defined by xians, of course)

Vigilante justice in Huckabee's America: Execute whoever leaked Wikileaks cables

Huckabee on the Peace Process: The best way to make peace with the Palestinians is to provide them with good jobs

Settler leader praying to see Huckabee in Oval Office
If settler leader Dani Dayan could vote in the 2012 United States presidential elections, he would throw his support behind possible Republican contender Mike Huckabee.

“Our prayer is to see you [Huckabee] in the Oval Office,” said Dayan, who heads the council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip.

Huckabee met up with a group of Christian tourists who were traveling with him. The whole group was then entertained by country music played by the
Waller brothers from Tennessee.

The Wallers are self-admitted missionaries and Mike Huckabee is a Baptist minister. Huckabee would of necessity oppose any move on Israel's part to tighten anti-missionary laws or to remove the Arabs from Israel. This so-called settler "leader" has his head screwed on backwards.

In this there will be no difference between an Obama and a Huckabee. Israel will have a "friend" in the White House as long as she is attached to Edom and acts as a virtual pipeline for Western culture to the Middle East. On the day that any Israeli leader, i.e. Mashiach, refuses to continue to cooperate, it won't matter if it's a Republican or a Democrat and we have already seen this all played out over and over again in recent history, but for a people whose refrain is "never again!", the Jews seem to have a very short memory.

I think there must once have been a time when Jews would have steered clear of any politician openly professing the religious views that Huckabee espouses, but that day appears to be over. There's no telling how many "right-wing" and "Orthodox" Jewish Americans would vote for him given the opportunity, out of fear of Obama.

Huckabee's allegiance to his man-god Yeshu will trump any loyalty to rights protected under the constitution. Not allowed? Just amend it! All Jews have to gather in Israel before Yeshu will come back? So send them on over. It'll be doing them a favor!

And fortunate they will be if their fate follows the model of Medieval Spain and not 20th-century Europe! G-d forbid!!

To finish this subject, I'd like to draw your attention to the flyer pictured at the top. It says:

Because our Faith matters...Because our Freedom matters.
Raising Our Voices: Equipping and Empowering a New Revolution

They mean to do it. They've been working at it for many, many years and they are getting very impatient to see it accomplished now. Watch the following video and imagine you're a Jew living in an America ruled by these people.


  1. Mike Huckabee will be of no help to Israel. Neither will the xtians there who are out to plunder Jewish souls. Only Hashem can help us. America is lost forever in my own opinion. I cannot wait to get out of here. I'm in distress every day, anxious to get to Israel. I think about this every day.

    Please, no lectures. I have no savings and I make bread/challah weekly for extra money just to make ends meet but they never do. We're coming however.

  2. Another good one!

  3. moriah, i am so happy to hear that. though i will not be in the list, being a believing gentile, nothing is more important than all the People returning to their God given Land. dont worry, you will be provided for. if gentiles are being fed and given rain in due seasons. you need not have an y doubts about yourself and your people.