Especially now, as lives are in the balance, please pray fervently to HKB"H on a daily basis that Jonathan Pollard's parole restrictions will end by November 20, 2020 and that he and Esther may come home quickly to Eretz Israel. Thank you and Tizku l'mitzvot!

26 March 2018

"For the Redemption of Zion"

11 Nisan 5778
The coins display a paleo-Hebrew inscription, which shifted — arguably reflecting the mood of the rebels — during the revolt from earlier years’ “For the Freedom of Zion,” to Year Four’s “For the Redemption of Zion.”

A discovery like this — ancient coins bearing the words “Freedom” and “Redemption” — found right before the Jewish Festival of Freedom — Passover — begins is incredibly moving,” said Mazar.... (Rare trove of bronze Jewish Revolt coins unearthed near Temple Mount)
Perhaps it is a "wink" from HKB"H that this exile is finally coming to an end.