25 July 2017

Who Will Survive to See Days of Mashiach?

2 Av 5777


  1. Part of the problem is the chemicals in the air, water and food which makes hormone activity irregular. And watching and listening to the media, the peer pressure of this world, which is sick instead of Torah values.

  2. The problem is keeping up with the goyiim. Living by the standards and motivations set by the gentile culture. So immersed they don't even know they aren't motivated by G-d and the Torah but what the gentile magazines, media, celebrities and immodest whorish fashion dictates. What to wear, what phone to have, what car to drive the latest mindless fad to follow, where to vacation so you can live like your rich and have status. The houses, the clothes, the shoes, the make-up,the music, movies bordering on porn all influence and mesmerize the Jew in Galut. Then the Jew wants to transfer all of this to Israel.