27 July 2017

Binyamin's Message (Tamuz)

4 Av 5777

Facilitated Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 12 Tamuz 5777

There Aren't A Lot Like These

I'm very excited, very, very excited. Because I feel that the end is approaching in giant steps! I'm fearful, and I'm happy, but it's scary to think what could be in the very near future. All of us see already that there are wars in our world, very difficult wars, the most violent, murderous wars. Of death in a horrible manner, of lacking love for humanity, of murder of women and children... Oy! What can I tell you, something horrible and awful, and no one can stop it. And those who cry out against it - they also are murdered... from both sides...

And we Jews living in Eretz Yisrael, and here in Eretz Yisrael - a huge danger. Millions upon millions of enemies surrounding us, but the time has come for a still larger, still scarier war which will affect the whole world. And not only that, it will collapse the economy, too. I don't know at all how the world economy is still standing, because in all the Western countries the evildoers have stolen most of the money in the banks. It all operates on "thin air", on "make-believe", there's almost no money at all in the banks. It's all numbers moving from computer to computer. And it has to collapse. How can it be that there is actually some economic progress in America?! What has Trump done until today to repair the damage that Obama did? Destruction that another two hundred years can't fix, just to destroy and rebuild anew. Here and there he does something, but it's not enough. It will take a hundred years just to repay the debts of America the Great and Powerful.

And Europe - same story. And Australia - same story, and China - same story, and all of them, Russia, for sure same story, and we 'idiots' who believe in the evildoers, who believe in the doctors, who believe in the lawyers, and judges who sit in the courts of the goyim, and even in Israel which is pretend courts of Jews. We believe that they will help us, the mechanic will help us, the technician will help us, they are all helping us, we depend on them, but they are liars, and they can't save us. No one can save us, not 'Social Security', not Bituach Leumi, and no government office, no one, just HKB"H.

Nothing will help us, only those who have very great trust in HKB"H will get through the near future relatively easily, only with absolute trust. The world we have now is so evil, since Hashem has returned to the world all the wicked who ever lived, with all the terrible things they do, with all their idolatry, they're all here right now. And we see a world full of evil that is impossible to describe. We see a huge lack of holiness, you could vomit from the lack of holiness that exists in our world today, and especially also among the Jews, and even Jews like Chareidim.

The whole world is disgusting, wanting to go against nature, with everything. They are trying to make new creations to make another nature. They're taking the human body and trying to turn it into something else. They even have a plan to connect human beings to parts of machines, which will be half human and half machine. They've made a lot of films about it, so that people will get used to this whole idea, it's sick, it's sick, it's going against the nature that G-d created, woman - woman, man - man. Everyone has a role, woman - it's mother, it's wife of her husband, she makes the home, the husband - he works and he learns Torah, and he comes close to Hashem together with his family, and they make a home of modesty, of holiness, of Torah and mitzvot, and etc., holidays and etc. That's our role in Olam Hazeh, and never go out to make all kinds of careers, in stupid things, no! The world is becoming something anti-HKB"H, Hashem yishmor.

But, don't worry, Hashem will finish them. All the evildoers will completely disappear. And those faithful ones who trust in Hashem will remain. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid! Whoever is with Hashem - Hashem will be with him. Whoever loves HKB"H - Hashem will be with him. Don't be afraid. But, it's not enough to not be afraid, we have to believe, we have to make a connection with HKB"H and start now if we have not started yet. Begin now to come closer and closer to Hashem, until we find Hashem, until we feel how Hashem caresses us and loves us and sends us only good. This is what we need to do in order to prepare for the near future. Because without this kind of preparation, we will suffer very, very much. I pity the Jews abroad because there it will be so much worse, But every Jew who understands that we need to come close to Hashem, and will begin now, this moment, to do it - every Jew who believes with all his strength that whatever HKB"H does is for our good, every Jew like this will be saved. And every gentile who believes in HKB"H, not oto ha'ish [JC], but in the name of Hashem alone - he also will be saved. There aren't very many gentiles like this, and there aren't very many Jews like this. Questions?

Q. What do you say about everything that's going on now between North Korea, South Korea, and the US...

A. It's all preparing us for war, if you're thinking there won't be a war - I'm sorry to tell you there will be a war. I don't know how long it will be - because the star will also arrive. And we are already entering into a difficult situation, everyone needs to hold tight, so to speak, to HKB"H, strongly, very strongly.

Q. What about the prayers rabbis and tzadikim are doing in all kinds of places?...

A. They feel and know that we are in very great danger, I only hope that a lot of people will go with them, because it is most important, ah, what would have happened before WWII, if only the Jews had prayed, if they had run to the kivrei tzadikim, and Europe was full-full, until today it's full of tzadikim, the graves of tzadikim. If only they had done this, if only they had made large assemblies, and returned in repentance, it wouldn't have been, the Nazis would not have had the power to do what they did to the Jews, but each one was more interested in his "business as usual." Therefore, no one prayed especially, and did not fear especially until the bombs began to fall. Then suddenly they were scared. And then they started to run. But, in Hungary, they sat quietly after everyone knew more or less what was happening, and did not flee, they simply continued like nothing - until they arrived, until the Nazis came. If only they had gone in large groups and cried and done teshuvah together - the whole Shoah would have vanished!