05 January 2017


7 Tevet 5777

The State that is both loved and reviled by the world has nothing whatsoever to do with Jews or Judaism. It's a shell, a mask, a disguise. It's painted blue and white with a six-pointed star emblazoned on it, but it's not Jewish - not the way are forefathers were; not the way the Torah teaches us to be.

"Israeli" is the modern way to say Israelite and yet, according to The State's definition, there is such a thing as an Israeli Arab. And any gentile, regardless of belief, from any place in the world, is eligible to become Israeli, but it won't make him Jewish.

The whole debate about whether Israel can "remain" both Jewish and democratic is a red herring. It has never - ever - been Jewish.

Are these the activities of a Jewish State or a State that is "Jewish" in name only?

While Holocaust survivors and Chareidi children subsist in poverty, The State sees fit to spend the people's money on such as this...

National Center Planned for Information on Gender Equality in Israel
The Ministry for Science, Space and Technology has allocated NIS 3 million to create a national information center on gender equality.

While proclaiming a desire to establish a separate Arab state (which will be Judenrein) in Judea and Samaria, "inside the green line", The State is creating a multi-national enclave which can never become Jewish.

Report ignored by state could grant Darfur refugees legal status in Israel

A legal opinion issued two years ago stating that any former Darfur resident from a non-Arab tribe is automatically entitled to political asylum in Israel has allegedly been concealed from the courts by the Population and Immigration Authority. Now that the recommendation has been revealed, it can be used by thousands of Darfur refugees to try to gain legal recognition.

Israel-China deal paves way for thousands of Chinese construction workers in Israel

And then, of course, there is the disgraceful UNJewish decision by an Israeli military court yesterday which found a Jewish soldier guilty of manslaughter for permanently "neutralizing" an Arab terrorist-murderer. And all the inane UNJewish rhetoric that accompanied the sham trial.

The Azaria trial and the rift over orders to shoot

...DEBKAfile’s military analysts note that the controversy reflects long efforts to introduce politics – or a brand of political correctness - into IDF decision-making. Soldiers are under orders to shoot terrorists in the heat of an attack – that is not in question, but since the Azaria affair, the army under Gen. Eisenkott, is working on refinements, such as when it is permissible and when it is not.

Both Yaalon and Eisenkott went overboard in their attempt to improperly influence the course of the military trial sub judice by public statements disparaging the accused soldier.

Last week, in pursuance of this campaign, the former defense minister appeared before 1,000 18-year olds about to join the army for three years of compulsory service. First, he rehashed the events leading up to Azaria’s action and his own resignation.

On March 24, he said, two terrorists came up to the Gilbert checkpoint at Tel Romeida in Hebron and started stabbing a soldier and officer who were manning it. But then, Yaalon burst out: “If we don’t preserve our human values, the IDF will be no better than Daesh!” the implication being that Azaria was no better than an Islamist State killer.

This was a move to prejudge the trial and sway the three military judges, just in case they were persuaded that Azaria was not trigger-happy but had shot the prone terrorist in the belief that as a soldier it was his duty to protect the immediate environment from further menace.

The chief of staff had his say on Tuesday, Jan. 3, the day before the court was to hand down its verdict. He declared that he had a duty to “preserve IDF values.”

Our military analysts have searched in vain the IDF military codebook for a definition of “IDF values” among the often contradictory orders of when to open fire. They wonder how a young conscript serving at a checkpoint - and knowing he is the target at any moment for a sudden knifing, shooting, bombing or vehicular attack - can be expected to decide on the spot which “military values” to apply.

There is the UNJewish reaction to the travesty of justice which this trial embodied by (Replacement) Minister of Defense Liberman...

Liberman: I don’t like the verdict, but we must respect it

Only in the alternate reality where The State can call itself both Jewish and democratic can its leaders call for the citizenry to "respect" an injustice of this magnitude.

The only Jewish response that I saw in news accounts was this one from a Shas MK...

Shas MK Ben-Tzur Speaks Out Against IDF Chief Eizenkott

Shas party MK Yoav Ben-Tzur has come out against IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gadi Eizenkott telling the media “An 18-year-old son who enlists is a soldier and not out son” he stated after the announced guilty verdict in the manslaughter trial of Sgt. Elor Azariya, who was found guilty.

Ben-Tzur lamented the verdict, adding that in this case, Azariya is “Everyone’s son and at this time, we wish to strengthen the family, his parents and brother”.

Ben-Tzur lashed out at the military court that convicted the sergeant of manslaughter, insisting his actions were justified. The Shas MK feels that Elor did what had to be done at the moment and act with justification.

He concluded “We are all being mispallel that the way to grant him a pardon will be found as is fitting to do”.

Lest any Diaspora Jew say smugly to himself, "See, that's why I'm not making aliyah. There is nothing Jewish about the State of Israel," he should keep in mind two things:

1) We are commanded to live in Eretz Yisrael which exists for all time regardless of who rules over it or what name it is called by; and,

2) We are in this predicament partly because you remain aloof from your heritage and our joint responsibilities to ensure Jewish rule and Jewish law in Eretz Yisrael.

The State is doomed, but The Land is forever. Soon, The Kingdom will arise and then, Peace and Justice and Jewishness, in accordance with The Torah, will be established - forever.