16 April 2015

Some Thoughts About the Weird Weather

27 Nisan 5775
Day 12 of the Omer

Jerusalem Explodes with Rain, Thunder and Lightning, even Hail
The Jerusalem area literally exploded early this morning with thunder, lightning and rain, as well as hail, which is sticking on the ground.
There has been almost constant thunder and lighting since 4:15 AM. Rain is falling at a rate of over 10mm per hour. As of 8AM, 35mm of rain has fallen.
Normally it doesn’t rain at all after the Pesach holiday.
The fire department rescued people stuck in their cars from floods inside Jerusalem.
(Experience it for yourself.)

This is not only out of season, it is highly unusual even in season. Jerusalem just does not have violent storms like this. In my 19 years here, I have never seen anything like it. While I was pondering the meaning of it, the following thoughts occured to me.

As is well-known, there are four death penalties imposed by the Jewish High Court in cases requiring a death penalty: 1) stoning, 2) burning, 3) slaying by the sword, and 4) strangling. Perhaps each of these weather phenomena corresponds to one of these four...

1) Hail - stoning, since it makes the same damage as rocks
2) Lightning - burning, since it can start fires
3) Thunder - sword, since it makes a crashing sound like iron on iron
4) Flooding rains - strangling, since a drowning person chokes on water

If so, then is this crazy weather Hashem's merciful way of carrying out the punishments we so richly deserve for our many sins or is it a last, drastic measure to warn us to do teshuvah for these sins before the actual sentence will be carried out with bombs instead of hail, with mushroom clouds, G-d forbid!, instead of lightning, with missiles instead of thunder and with gas, G-d forbid!, instead of flooding rain.

I think our situation and Hashem's judgment is much more serious than we have been imagining it until now. I hear that adage in my mind: "Think good and it will be good." That's magical thinking. It won't be "good" just because we want to think it will be. It didn't work for the Jews who saw the Temples destroyed and who were carried away into exile. It certainly didn't work for the Jews sealed up in the Warsaw Ghetto!

We have to have the courage to face the Truth - if we want to survive! And to act upon what we know to be true in order to save ourselves and as many under our influence as possible!!

Hashem is much more serious about our teshuvah than we are. We must reach the point where we are as serious with Him as He is with us!! 

Heaven is screaming at us to wake up! Time is running out. Are we ever going to listen?