18 April 2015

Hiding in Plain Sight

30 Nisan 5775
Day 15 of the Omer
Motzaei"sh - Rosh Chodesh I

If you are a regular visitor to alternative internet news sources, you are probably already familiar with the term Jade Helm 15 and the mystery of the five Walmarts closing across the American south - all at the same time... for the same reason... and for the same period of time. For those who aren't familiar, I will summarize.

Jade Helm 15 is being described as a “realistic military training exercise involving nine states, which will involve the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division and is set to take place from July 15-September 15,...." (You can see the details here: Request to Conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT) JADE HELM 15)


Different alternative news analysts are speculating that this is a set-up for a martial law takeover of America. One source points out that "drills are always the way that operations are designed to position men and materials ahead of an operation or concurrent with planned attacks." It's like hiding in plain sight. They come in under the guise of a "drill", set everything up and then - boom! It's the real deal, but now it's too late to protest. Another source shows that the drill has been expanded to include southern states coast to coast.

The story about the Walmarts is really bizarre. Five Walmarts across this same area suddenly closed their doors this past Monday night for an announced period of six months (until September 2015) for "plumbing repairs." (See more here: Mystery surrounds Wal-Mart's bizarre cover story of closing five stores for six months due to "plumbing problems")

One source claims they are being converted to military "command and control centers" and points out the nearness of each of these Walmarts to a major military installation in its area.

I have no idea what the reshaim have planned, but I do know that nothing happens by chance. There are no coincidences. And they already know when they want to start WW3. From my perspective, these dates are the most significant portion of this report. And the lengths to which they are going indicate how significant an event this may yet turn out to be.

Just a heads up. Shavua tov! Chodesh tov!

[This blog post was written on Friday and scheduled for publication on Saturday night.]