12 June 2013

The Bigger Picture of Governmental Spying? (Part 3)

4 Tamuz 5773

(See Part 1 and Part 2.)

Progressive Man views history as linear, going from primitive to more advanced and becoming better and better as time goes on.  This is a basic premise of Western Civilization. Modern Western Man believes that he has outgrown God and now worships his own intellect, believing with faith that through the power of his intellect merged with his own creation - super computers - he can attain eternal life and godhood for himself.

The reality is far different.  Time is not linear.  It is circular like the rings which extend out from a pebble when it is dropped into water.  (That's why we call it the cycle of time and why a clock generally has a round face.) Like the ripples in the water, the ripples of time and the energy that inhabits them, grows less and less defined as it moves outward from the source.

At the beginning of this current cycle of creation, man was not a primitive being.  He was perfect and endowed with all the knowledge of the universe. Even after his fall from perfection, he retained much of his knowledge and passed it down from one generation to the next. We see that even after the Great Flood, by the time mankind was building the Tower of Bavel, God said of the generation: "This they begin to do and now nothing will be restrained from them, ...."  To this day, experts in the fields of engineering can not replicate some of the methods employed by the ancients in their building.  Mankind once knew how to manipulate the forces of nature to produce "magic," but no longer.

Only those who remain connected to the Source through the yearly cycle of Torah reading and the annual re-enactments of the holidays still maintain the original vision of Truth, albeit with less clarity since the Beit Hamikdash lies in ruins.  Those disconnected from the Source, like the ripples of water, lose shape and form and grow flat until they are indistinguishable from the surrounding body of water.  In more familiar words, they become completely assimilated and they find this to be the most desirable state of being for all of humanity.  The ideal becomes for all differences to be erased, for all individuality to be eliminated for the greater good. Rather than view the ripples as special markers of a unique event in history, they are seen as obstacles to the serenity of sameness and blemishes which mar the beauty of the tranquility of the whole.

Put less poetically, The Nations wish to rid themselves of the only constant reminder of the Truth of their origins and their future destiny - the JEWS and anyone else remotely connected to them by way of the Hebrew Scriptures. Like Lucifer in John Milton's Paradise Lost, they'd rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

They're like the Borg whose spokesperson is interestingly enough a transhuman - human merged with machine:

The People of God are quickly being assimilated into the nations and the Nation of God is also under threat of assimilation. While I've been writing this series today, some related items of interest have appeared in the news feed:

Livni: 'Jewish State' Second to Democracy
Justice Minister calls to override religious disagreement to create a constitution.

Israel must create a constitution – even if the minority groups it is meant to defend do not want one, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said Tuesday. Israel's status as a Jewish state is second to its status as a democracy, she argued.

Livni noted the religious-secular divide regarding legal authority in Israel. “In practice, each person decides his own constitution… There is a battle over our source of authority, is it the constitution and law, with the courts clarifying its meaning? Or is it based in halakha [Jewish law] and rabbis clarifying its meaning?”

“I’m on the side of the constitution and the courts,” she continued. “Even if I sometimes disagree with a particular verdict… I don’t accept the opinion that the State of Israel is first and foremost a Jewish state, and a democratic regime.”

Jail Time Proposed for Israelis Caught Discriminating

The Ministry of Justice on Wednesday issued a memorandum calling for a one-year jail term for anyone accused of discrimination. The memorandum was circulated following a report compiled by the Ministry of Attorney General and adopted by Justice Minister Tzipi Livni. The memorandum read, in part: "Limiting the ability of another person to enjoy equal public space and public services due to illegal discrimination undermines the principle of equality... therefore it is proposed that this behavior constitute a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment."

Fischer: Hareidi Birthrate ‘a Problem’
Bank of Israel head makes controversial statements about Hareidi, Arab families in a farewell address.

Well, you get the idea.  This is going on everywhere, every day.

Those who refuse to assimilate, they will attempt to enslave or annihilate and in many places they will succeed, but not in Eretz Yisrael.  A Messiah will arise for the Jews in Eretz Yisrael and reverse this tide of assimilation, defeating all those whose aim is to make of Israel a nation like all the rest.  This will cause Israel to be viewed as the ultimate Terror State, the ultimate obstacle to global unity and quantum leap in planetary evolution - the ascension to godhood by the elite.  It is on this basis, that they will come to wield destruction and instead will themselves be destroyed.

However, contrary to Michael Savage's vision which is based on current events as portrayed by the Western media, it is actually the Western nations which will lead the invasion of Israel and here meet their doom.

This event will mark the end of governmental spying and their dissident lists, of transhumanism and visions of a world without God - thank God!! There will be a spiritual evolutionary leap which will bring the long-dreamed of utopia in which the world attains the level of kedusha of Eretz Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael goes up to the level of Yerushalayim and Yerushalayim becomes like the Temple Mount itself.  The righteous among the nations will be brought up to the level of Yisraelim and all the Jews will be a kingdom of priests to their God.

We will have come full circle back to our origins - back to Eden.

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  1. One of your finest posts, yet.
    When I read Livni's words I find that I must reread them as I am shocked that she is so incredibly clueless to her heritage.
    She can't reeeeeally think this stuff, right???