16 June 2013

It had to happen

8 Tamuz 5773

Hashem is shaking up every group of Jews - removing them from their comfort zones - because He is not satisfied with the status quo. We should all be moving forward, not sitting still.

The Chareidim got a slap up side the head to wake them up because they want to sit in Eretz Yisrael as they once did in the Midbar with everything provided and all they do is learn all day. So how is it they don't understand from that same Torah that when we come to live in Eretz Yisrael everyone must take up a share of the work wihtout giving up the learning, including guarding the land from our enemies.

Now it is the turn of the mamlachtim - those who worship the State as if it is already the kingdom of Mashiach.

Religious Zionist World in Uproar over ‘Death Blow’ to Yeshivas

Yeshiva heads plan to hold an emergency conference Sunday to discuss last-ditch methods for fighting budget cuts they fear will end Torah learning in many parts of the religious Zionist sector.

“The yeshiva world’s oxygen tank will empty, and yeshivas will close,” a source told Arutz Sheva. “The Bayit Yehudi faction and its leader must get themselves together before it’s too late.”

The Chareidim are going to have to come closer to the so-called religious Zionist outlook on the Land of Israel and the religious-Zionists are going to have to come closer to the Chareidi viewpoint on the character of the ruling regime. Right now, both have good aspects and erroneous aspects that must be corrected. For everyone there is room for improvement. It is when we think that we have "arrived" and everyone should be like us that we are looking for trouble with Hashem.

I wonder what He has in store for the 'chilonim.'  I'm guessing we won't wait long to find out.

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