29 July 2021

It Bears Repeating - Over and Over Again

 20 Menachem Av 5781


I've featured this quote before as part of a larger agenda.

It's a screenshot from an October 2020 video about a master plan leaked from the Canadian Prime Minister's office.  So far, everything seems to be going according to plan except the timing is a bit delayed.  And instead of calling the mutation COVID-21, it has been named "Delta."    

When has it ever occurred in the entire history of the world - that any disease would suddenly spin off multiple versions of itself, each time becoming more lethal as it goes?  The Black Plague didn't do it.  The Spanish Flu didn't do it.  And when, in the entire history of medical intervention, has a "vaccine" ever failed so miserably to confer immunity?? [See: More Vaccinated People Are Dying of COVID in England Than Unvaccinated.]

If anything, this could be the ultimate proof of something man-made in a lab because things like this just don't occur naturally.  In nature, when viruses mutate, it is to become LESS lethal so that the host will be more likely to survive - so the virus itself will survive and continue to multiply.  Also, in the past, vaccines were a way to give the person a less lethal version of the disease and depend upon the natural immune system to develop an immunity to any future contact with the organism.  And it was always understood that there was potential for a vaccinated person to pass on the disease right after vaccination.  [See Vaccine-derived Poliovirus.]  That's why there is a sudden "surge" of cases each time a new group becomes eligible for the vaccine.  

There is simply no way that the COVID-19 pandemic is anything other than BIO-WARFARE and The Powers That Be behind it are crass enough to brag about the windfall they are getting from it.  [See Pfizer now expects COVID vaccine sales to reach $33.5B this year, a whopping $7.5B bump from its estimate 3 months ago.]  That means that everyone involved in pushing the agenda is a potential war criminal.

ISRAEL: Pfizer's "Lab" - Next Testing Phase
Israel Begins Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine for At-Risk Children Under 12 as Delta Cases Surge
Yifat Shasha-Biton stands out in the current government, but she faces tremendous opposition.  She is, at least, trying to prevent the vaccines from being brought into the schools where its administration would surely be most successful. [See Unlikely rebel? Meet Yifat Shasha-Biton, the Likud MK defying Netanyahu’s orders and Education minister slams Health Ministry over 'smear campaign' against her.]

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