13 July 2021

Another Disaster in the Making? G-d Forbid!!

 4 Av 5781

See also: MK Miri Regev: 'Writing is on the wall' for Temple Mount bridge collapse

Clearly, the Erev Rav regime does not have the will to ensure the safety of Jewish lives as it does not have the will to ensure Jewish religious practice.  If the truth would be known, any access at all is likely more dependent on the pressure from Christian organizations and the need to maintain some appearance of adhering to "democratic" norms.  But this is even less than a fig leaf!

There is no need to wait for the will, the money and the time to build another ramp.  There is another gate very nearby which could serve immediately in place of the Mugrabim Gate and that is the Chain Gate.  The Muslim Guards do not allow Jews to enter through this gate, but I know from firsthand experience that they have no problem at all with Jews leaving through that gate.  Therefore, there is no religious reason to forbid it.  It's political.  It's just meant to demonstrate Muslim control.  

The government has the authority and the power to immediately close the Mugrabim Gate, dismantle the dangerously weak ramp, and immediately designate the Chain Gate as the new access point for non-Muslims.

Short of that, the Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall Plaza should issue an order to close and block the entrance via the ramp due to pikuach nefesh.  In addition, the religious authorities are going to have to act to block off those areas of the women's section which pose a danger to them should the ramp collapse over their heads!  

Will people be upset and cry out in protest?  I sincerely hope so!  I sincerely hope it shakes up the status quo so that people stop sleep-walking through life and take notice of what is happening under their very noses.  I sincerely hope that especially in these days, of all days, leading up to Tisha b'Av 5781, that people will get upset and cry out over our sad state without our Beit Hamikdash - I hope they cry out to Hashem with all their hearts to bring us the geulah shleimah and the rebuilt Beit Hamikdash.

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