22 July 2021

A World In Turmoil...

13 Menachem Av 5781 

A World Under Judgment.

...In the era of redemption, Ishmael will rise up and become strong while still hating Isaac, Jacob and their descendants. They will provoke kings and nations, while the world is sinking into a chaos of wars and tragedies. ...All of this will occur in an age of global collapse, which G-d will bring in order to punish the nations, sanctify His profaned name, defeat and eradicate false gods and religions, and publicize His Oneness to all the world
(Source: Ohr Hara'ayon, Vol.II, Chapter 29 "The Time of the Redemption" by Rabbi Meir Kahane, Hy"d, ztz"l)

In addition to the political and economic crises and the natural disasters, there have been an incredible number of explosions reported around the world.  Below is a list dated from the beginning of the year.  Notice the sudden increase beginning in June and continuing into July...

(With thanks to geulahgirl for compiling this data.)

January 3, 2021--gas depot explosion Lebanon
January 20, 2021 Madrid gas explosion
January 25, 2021 China mine explosion (9 dead)
February 13, 2021--Fuel Tanker explodes on Afghanistan Iran border
March 3, 2021 Bata military camp ammunitions explosion in Equatorial Guinea
March 29, 2021 Massive fire and explosion at Indonesia oil refinery
March 30, 2021--Cairo garment factory explosion and collapse
April 8, 2021 Ohio paint factory explosion
April 21.2021--explosion at sensitive Israeli missile factory
May 14, 2021--Oklahoma dam explosion (caused by natural gas)
May 23, 2021 explosion at Iran explosives factory
May 25.2021-- explosion on Sri Lankan container ship
June 2, 2021-explosion at  Iran oil refinery
June 6, 2021-explosion at Iran steel company
June 13--Gas explosion in Chinese city
June 14, 2021--Illinois chemical plant explosion
June 14, 2021--Fuel tank explosion in Russia
June 18--Lagos tanker explosion
June 28, 2021--fire and explosion at London train station
June 29, 2021--Gas line explosion in Texas
July 2, 2021--fire breaks out at largest Oil Refinery in Romania
July 3,2021--Gulf of Mexico Pipeline explosion
July 5, 2021 explosion in Caspian Sea near oil field
July 6, 2021-deadly chemical fire at Bangkok plastics factory
July 6, 2021--Iran pipeline gas leak blast
July 8, 2021--explosion on ship at Dubai port
  • The cause of the explosion is not yet clear, but its strength suggests the presence of highly flammable materials. The Port of Dubai is also the busiest overseas port for American warships.
July 16, 2021--Gas pipeline explosion in Donesk
July 19, 2021 Explosion in Covid ward of Iraqi hospital (oxygen tank)
July 20, 2021 Aluminum alloy plant explodes in China

- יש דין ויש דיין -

There Is Judgment and There Is A Judge


  1. Excellent Video

    Yehudi Yerushalmi

  2. Thanks! It takes me many hours to make them and still they are amateurish, but it gets the message across, I hope.

  3. Wow! Great video; seeing all the devastation taking place wakes one up! Mostly, everyone who has an IQ of something has to see the Hand of G-D!

  4. To anon 5.36, you would think, yet the public discourse is of course, largely about climate change etc. Rav Avraham Baruch called this a few months ago, saying that the natural disasters would start. I listened to him yesterday, he said that not only we should prepare for the next lockdown but also for life without electricity and water. Be"D hope it doesn't come to that.

    Other Israeli rabbis have also been talking about this for a while, Rav Zizolholtz, and another rav, whose name I've forgotten.

    For what it's worth, I am not obligated to fast on Tisha be'Av, but every time I thought about eating, I had the feeling that this is our last Tisha Be'Av as a fast, and couldn't bring myself to eat. Be"D.

  5. If you understand Hebrew, very worth it (you can slow the video down if it's too fast):

    קב"ה החל לנקום בגויים. ניתוח מצב ותחזית למה שצפוי. זעם הטבע והסבר ממאמר הגאולה לרמח"ל. חובה לראות!

    He's been teaching maamar hageula for over a year and a half, before the virus left China, and as events unfold we can see the picture in higher resolution. The goyim suckle from the kedusha of Am Yisrael and now Hashem is going to amputate them from us, like a gangrenous limb, nemek is gangrene.

    The gematria of hateva and elokim are the same. Elokim is midat hadin, expressed in nature.
    The "gangrene" is going to be in what is most important to them, the economy, the cost of the disasters so far is in the billions, and that's on top of the corona year, and before that the financial downturn. And because it is affecting so many countries (I read 40) they can't even help each other.

    Financial collapse.

    14.00 Jews make aliya, super urgently, .... yes, it's very hard, but it is possible, he hears from people who made aliya despite everything, they were wealthy and left it all behind, and are just happy to be in EY.

    When Hashem beats the goyim it's a message to strengthen ourselves and do tshuva.

    Not coming to sow fear, the opposite, we should be happy, everything is going to the geula plan, ...emuna, tshuva, achdut, aliya ...

  6. Hashem's messages to us:

    Ilan Halimi HYD was murdered in 2006. I thought that the horrific circumstances of his death, his tortured torso tied to a tree, leaving him to die like, no, worse than a dog, would cause all the Jews to rise up and leave France for Israel.

    In 2018 after the Kristallnacht 80th anniversary Pittsburg massacre, everyone was talking about homosexuality, and I said that it was a turning point for American Jewry, that their golden era was over and that it was time to start planning aliya, community aliya, get organised, #nojewleftbehind, just start taking the steps that you can take as per Rav Brody's advice, get your documents in order etc, not interested. That and the ensuing sky- high levels of antisemitism being described as a blip, Poway, "only one" Jew was murdered.

    US, UK, promote the protected perversions or face school closure, not moved. Coupled with the Baby Alfie case, a precursor to little Alta. The courts can prevent you from taking your child out of the country. There is already a law preventing the removal of a child from the UK for the purpose of what would be a criminal offense in the UK. And parents wishing to give their child an education outside of the UK, free of "British Values" (aka protected perversions) could be considered a crime? Not too far-fetched in this climate.

    When the spectre of a UK Corbyn antisemitic government was thwarted, sang hallel over Boris who saved the Jews from their impending aliya.

    The 2020 attack next to Vienna's last surviving shul from before the Shoah on the anniversary of Kristallnacht. Utter silence in the face of the loudest, most symbolic message Hashem could give.

    And now a week of unprecedented extreme global din, with Germany being the worst hit place in Europe, and the issue du jour is Ben and Jerry's not saying it doesn't matter at all, but it's just a distraction from the real issue.

  7. elisheva, there are Jews who would now readily pick up and come up to EY, but the reshIam of the memshalot (everywhere) including EY with the vax regulations and pcr tests which they mandate for even taking a trip. Many do not want to take a chance with the 'samm' which they both are. People are gullible but there are those who know better. These are dangerous times and the situations at the moment are the same all over. We know that H' will bring up all His children, how and exactly when (praying very soon) we don't know. Hopefully, on the wings of Eagles (why not?).

  8. Here's another similar video by Rav Zissholtz:


    With English subtitles, but the translation could be improved somewhat.