"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

10 June 2021

Assimilation in Eretz Yisrael Is Official US Policy

30 Sivan 5781
Rosh Chodesh Aleph 

It is no coincidence that the annual Pride Parade in Jerusalem starts at Liberty Bell Park and passes in front of the American Cultural Center.  The Arabs have always been spot on about Israel being made into a colonialist base of operations from which to export the "American Way" to the Middle East, but that includes the Jews of the Middle East as well, Hashem yerachem!

The US Embassy in Israel has awarded the organization, HaGal Sheli (My Wave), which brings together at-risk youth to surf, a grant of NIS 70,000 to support its Young Mentors Program.

..."HaGal Sheli and the Young Mentors Program, in particular, implement values ​​that the embassy wants to promote, including shared citizenship, diversity, empowerment and providing opportunities for all Israeli citizens wherever they are, through fun and unique sports activities connected to the sea, which is a key resource in Israel," said Allison Brown, the embassy's deputy cultural attaché.

HaGal Sheli brings disadvantaged teenagers from all walks of Israeli society - Arabs and Jews, religious and secular, etc.- in a surfing program intended to educate and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in life.
And this is not an isolated case.  Make no mistake about it. The new "Change" government is a dream team from the US's perspective.  It is there to complete the transformation of Israel from a quasi-Jewish State to a State of All Its Citizens.  

American Jews, YOU are empowering this by living there and lending all your kedushah to strengthening it.  Remember this!  Like in Egypt before, only with the Exodus of all its Jews was Egypt's power finally broken.


  1. This fits in with what you've been saying:


    מסר חשוב מהרב דניאל עשור ! אסור לפספס!

    It's in Hebrew, with Hebrew subtitles. Even if you don't understand Hebrew, it's worth seeing for the film footage.

    Yes, Jews need to make Aliya SOS to save themselves and us. There are about half a million frum Jews in the US and yet the latest aliya statistics show that about 75% of new olim are not Jewish by any stretch of the imagination. If this continues we'll have to put a stop to aliya because it's causing more harm than good.

    A few days ago, Rav Shmuel Eliyahu shlita was speaking in honour of his father's, Rav Mordechai Eliyahu zatazl, hilula, and said that when the latter was on a speaking tour in the US, even he, was told not to speak about aliya, so great is the opposition.

    If the shechina was in exile with Jonathon, and Jonathon has now come home, and when a tsadik leaves a place, the bracha leaves with him, what does this portend for American Jews?

    There are many problems everywhere, but if you are a Jew in Israel you are part of the solution. If you are outside of Israel, you have to decide what is your ratzon. Where would you be if you had the perfect circumstances? If nothing and no-one can budge you, well that is your choice. If deep down you would live in Israel if you didn't have x,y and z limitation, determine your ratzon, daven and start taking action in that direction. And don't listen to rabbonim who tell you not to make aliya. Rav Brody said that all those rabbonim will have to answer in shamayim for misleading people. Because of the language barrier, non Hebrew speakers don't realise that Israeli rabbis are begging, pleading, practically crying, telling Jews to save themselves and make aliya urgently before the skies really are closed.

  2. 1I'm always bringing up Jewish education for the children; it's just so very sad that we have to emphasize it in Eretz Yisrael itself. The left has become so powerful worldwide that it seems H' MUST TAKE OVER because everything is out of hand. The Jews in the diaspora, we know because of no Jewish education have become completely assimilated but that this continues on in the 'medina' is beyond frightening. We are now going through a holocaust, a holocaust that is even worse than the one that took place 75-80 years ago. This is the spiritual holocaust; and we know the end of world history is near and that is when H' will send His servant, Moshiach, who will redeem us. H' Himself will undo ALL our enemies at the very end. May H' speed up our Redemption, but with great CHESED V'RACHAMIM on His children, Yisrael! Amen!