18 February 2020

Trump and The Temple Mount

24 Shevat 5780
Tom Nissani, chairman of the Students for the Temple Mount movement, said in response to the incident: “The arrest and handcuffing of a former Israeli MK immediately after a tour with US Congress members emphasizes our shameful position on the Temple Mount — the Mount is not in our hands.”  (Source)
"The Mount is not in our hands."  All you can say to that is, "Duh!!" 

And if Trump has his way with the "Deal of the Century," we never will have. 
Despite a 1967 agreement between Jordan and Israel deeming Jordan as the official “custodian” of Al-Aqsa, Palestinians have long feared and fought against Israeli attempts to change the status quo at the site, citing frequent Israeli police raids and the presence of right-wing settlers.

[Trump's] plan suggests that the current agreement between Israel and Jordan remain in place, and “the status quo at the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif should continue uninterrupted.”
They know that they can give us everything else, but if they hold back the Temple Mount, they can prevent the redemption.  This was the most important and most distressing part of a very disturbing document, but hey!  We gotta take whatever Evil Uncle Eisav will allow, no?  I mean, who runs this world anyway??!!

A lot of people are still going to be very, very surprised.


  1. This 'Deal' will never come to pass. Even those behind it must know it; hopefully, it is a way for us to regain more and more of our Land! H' is in total control and we are already practically in the messianic era and everything will turn right side up for the Bnai Yisrael, including the end of the Erev Rav, the return of the real Jews to Torah, and the punishments meted out to all the enemies of the Jews from time immemorial. The world will then know there is only H', EIN OD MILVADO!