28 April 2019

Chabad Has Become A Target

23 Nisan 5779
Day 8 of the Omer

Antisemitic insults hurled as Chabad Nairobi robbed, rabbi and wife beaten

Fresh synagogue shooting appears to highlight spread of deadly hate

Could this incitement have anything to do with it?


  1. Also Mumbai?

    My big issue with the Zionist Conspiracy theorists is that they point their fingers for the most part at those who are not in the least bit Zionist, those who may be interested in controlling things but also for Jews to assimilate in one way or another, and devoid of Torah (the source connecting the Jewish People with the Land of Israel), save for some quasi-Torah material used as distractions.

    Chabbad may just be getting caught in the crossfire or being set up as the fall guy after all they do speak openly about an eventual Torah based kingdom, probably more than others. They are the perfect target for both Jew haters and Erev Rav.

  2. Also, Mumbai, India....

    Also, VP Gore assistance with bringing the late Lubavitcher Rebbe's books back out of Russia, could be seen as some kind of favor/control.

    1. Yes, but Mumbai was long before this new NWO conspiracy of Chabad was getting traction. They'll always find a reason.

  3. See my blog post with comments for the story of the incredible miracle at San Diego. Hashem is still with us.

  4. Maybe it's just because they are the most famous (known) of the Jewish groups which can be found everywhere. This makes them an easy target, r'l. May H' protect His people everywhere - in Eretz Yisrael and in the galut.

  5. Bs''d
    There are two sides.
    One serve Hashem Yitbarach with all their hearts (may it be Am Yisrael or Noahides) and
    there is the other side (may it be Goyim and people calling themself Jewish).
    Now look at what happennned last days, and connect it to the ways of what we do and suppose to do and what the other side is doing around this time.
    We are in Gvura and fixing the MIDOT, preparing our Neshamot to receive mashiah and all included, here....ERETZ YISRAEL!
    Then there is the worship of people that do not serve Hashem.
    What do they do?
    Sacrifice to Moloh.
    Read between lines.
    Why Hashem let it happen?
    What was in the heart of Shlomo ha Meleh when he married daughter of Pharao???
    What is in the hearts of Jews all around the world?
    Or are they far in the SMOLA(bad luck in east european language)...
    far away from Yerushalayim?????????????????????????????????????In fire instead of LIGHT???
    דבש תמרשמן זית תאנה רימון יין שעורה חיטה (3198)
    ups it means something else....sacrifice me....
    No ty, not me and my family, not my pepple!
    WAKE UP!
    Michael arrived and fights for us, when we hung unto HASHEM YITBARAH.
    The 'blood' that protect a Jew is from KEVEZ, not human.