23 April 2019


19 Nisan 5779
4th Day of Chol HaMo'ed - Day 4 of the Omer
Moadim l'simchah!

Times of Israel today is once again reporting this, by now, well-known warning: "Trump adviser says peace plan to be revealed after Ramadan in June, adds it will require ‘tough compromises’ from both Israel and Palestinians"

But, the JPost adds something new, which SoS Mike Pompeo only hinted at recently:
"KUSHNER: TWO-STATE SOLUTION WAS 'A GOOD ATTEMPT' "But if that would've worked, we would've made peace a long time ago on that basis," he said.
Add to these statements another bit of news that I came across recently which at first glance might not appear to be at all related:
Israeli Citizens to Become Eligible for U.S. Investor Visas as of May

As of May 1, Israeli citizens will be eligible for a work permit in the U.S. provided they can commit to investing “a substantial amount of capital” in the U.S. and, in doing so, employ American citizens.
But, get this.  In what looks suspiciously like a pre-arranged quid pro quo, today the following was brought to my attention...
Israel Investor Visa for USA Citizens

The Israel Investor Visa (B/5 visa) for United States citizens is about to become a reality (May 1, 2019). ...Non-Jews from the United States now have the option of living and working in Israel if they invest in and own an Israeli business and then move to Israel to operate the business. The B/5 Israel Investor Visa permits the investor and several key workers in the business and their families to work and live in Israel.
Note the key difference between the plans. The US visa for Israelis requires them to hire Americans while the Israeli visa for Americans allows US "non-Jews" along with their American employees, as well as all their families to live and work in Israel.

I'm beginning to think that the "Deal of the Century" is going to be predicated on eliminating the "Jewish" State and turning Israel into a state of all its citizens.  

The elimination of the Jews, whether abroad or in Israel, through mass assimilation has been the linchpin of a global plan ever since Hitler failed to accomplish it through genocide.  They flooded the country with Russian Christians and then they brought in the Christian Falash Mura and the African migrants and now - make no mistake about it - Dominionists Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo are going to bring in the US Christian Evangelicals who want to "make aliyah."  Hagee's millions in contributions will now have a new address.  This will be their solution to the dwindling numbers of Israeli-Arab Christians in the Holy Land.  

Neither the Pope, nor the world's Christians want to see Jews and Muslims divide the Holy Land between themselves, leaving them on the outside looking in.
Jared Kushner: "...from Israel’s point of view, their biggest concern is just security. And I think that what we do, is something that allows for Israel to maintain security.”
This statement alone demonstrates utter cluelessness on Kushner's part.  How can anything but a catastrophe emerge from this man's best efforts?

I hope I'm wrong, but this feels like a very ominous development to me. 


  1. Am always praying the Geulah will come b'rachamim rabim', but after reading so much depressing news at the actions of the medinah, I'm afraid it cannot come b'rachamim, unless a nes happens where every real Jewish neshamah will actually do teshuvah, and save the day!
    Reading the above is extremely frightening. In the last couple of decades and maybe a little more, the infiltration of goyim into EY reminds me that the original 'Plishtim' (invaders) are back. Edom has learned through history that in order to accomplish its goal, it's much easier with 'honey' than with violence and war. H' yerachem aleinu! There might be 8 million or so people in the Land, but so very many are not ours, r'l! 'And the Land became corrupted'. We demand Moshiach, ASAP!

  2. Bs''d
    After reading your article and one on HABAYITAH i could not stop thinking there is a link between.

    Same goal, different metod.
    Do the galutiers understand that if they posphone their flight home, it might be too late even by doing it to preserve their NESHAMOT?
    I mean, who wants to become willingly retard after a flight????

    It is the highest time to come to ERETZ YISRAEL (i am not writing medina)
    We call it EMUNA.
    EMUNA is the only way to survive the end of days..
    We must come together and unite as AM ECHAD and serve Hashem in highest and most pure way to be saved from this destruction and tuma.
    I have no idea how many real Jews are here...and how many must still return. I don't think we are many...

  3. This is the cold war played by edom and could they do it alone? No!
    They have the erev rav helping them, the primary worst enemy working against the Jews not only In Israel but also all over the world!
    The erev rav will happily assimilate with edom and edom is in for a big downfall now because all of his nations now have people who are waiting to swallow him and his low birth nation whole and wash them away!
    The islamics will be pissed at Trump and edom and will destroy them all over Europe as well as blacks and also in America so Esau had better watch out!!!
    Esaus downfall is already happening..

    The third Reich had no people of colours in Europe but Europe and America today are filled with these people this is the difference and the almighty will use them against Esau and his filthy nation the more Esau and the erev rav torment and attack us and now will be their cruel and bitter end..
    Payback edom and erev rav - for all of the suffering that you have caused us!!!

  4. Needless to say that Yoel Chaim (Jared) is a religious Jew. He may even be reflection of the attitude of many Modern Orthodox Jews who may learn for a year in Israel or do IDF service then are compelled for one reason or another to "come home," finish their degree (piece of paper) and stop having pipe dreams.

    And what of halakha? What of being an active participant in the "zionism" they were taught in school?

    The idea that the U. S. is only a temporary dwelling place, and Israel being our real home where we are supposed to invest our energies goes over their heads.

    I sincerely hope that I am wrong.