22 February 2019

YACHAD Will Run Alone

17 Adar I 5779
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Ki Tisa

After multiple attempts to unite with other right-wing religious parties, Eli Yishai's YACHAD party will run alone in the upcoming election. Every offer was taken to Rabbi Mazuz for a ruling, but in the end, the offers and demands would have simply taken YACHAD's votes and left the party itself without any representation.

I'm very happy with this decision as the entire process is just another aspect of birur. A clear choice needs to be offered. It is, after all, the Erev Rav who are the ones who want to mix everything up; dilute and water down everything - truth, strength, clarity.

The only real unity we can attain is our unity around the Torah and our covenant with HKB"H. 

Don't believe the scare tactics, the poll reports - who has a "realistic" chance of getting in or who can't possibly make it over the threshold. Remember that when Master Leftist Ehud Barak was Prime Minister and offered Arafat, y"sh, Judea, Samaria and half of Jerusalem, the Arabs chose to go to war. It does not matter who sits in the PM's chair. HKB"H's will gets doneThere is always a chance there won't even be an election, as Iran's decision whether to attack Israel or not is also in HKB"H's hands.

The greatest threat we face in the immediate future is America's so-called Peace Plan. In regard to this, it matters not whether it is Netanyahu or Gantz/Lapid in charge. No one short of Mashiach himself will stand up to American pressure to expel Jews from the Land of Israel, establish a terror state in our midst, and ensure that the Temple Mount remains firmly in foreign hands.

The reality is that, sooner or later, regime change is coming to Israel and I, for one, am really looking forward to it. 

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  1. right SHORTLY our Erev Rav/Mixed Multitude Sitra Achra Sabbatean State will be replaced by Torah-based Constitutional Monarcy with Third Temple as Capitol and Six Branches of Bible-based GOOD government: 1/6 Monarchy, 2/6 Council of Princes (of ReUnited Twelve Tribes), 3/6 Sanhedrin (Supreme Court), 4/6 Priesthood (Levites, Cohanim), 5/6 Schools of Prophets, 6/6 Am HaAretz (National Council/Elders)