20 October 2013

"In the month of Aviv" - Spring!

16 Marcheshvan 5774

They warned us already three months ago.  There are six months left.

Joint Soverignty of Jerusalem by Spring 2014

The British Consul-General in Jerusalem, Sir Vincent Fean, announced yesterday (Saturday) that, "a permanent P.A.-Israel agreement will be reached by Spring of 2014", according to a report by the Maan news agency.

According to the consul, the agreement will include joint Israeli - Palestinian soverignty over Jerusalem.

"Spring 2014 is going to be important and crucial when it comes to establishing a Palestinian state on the basis of a political solution. Jerusalem will be the shared capital of Israel and Palestine. The agreement will also include land swaps", the Consul-General is reported to have said.

This is a clear message to us! Did you notice he uses the word "Spring" twice? Pesach comes in the month of "Spring!"

"...as the Gemara (Rosh Hashanah 11b) states: 'In Nisan you were redeemed, in Nisan you will be redeemed.' "


  1. how wonderful indeed for hageula to take place at Pesach time - even now - is better.

    The quote mentions spring only once.


    is there another link that has his quote that A7 is using?

  2. how wonderful indeed for hageula to take place at Pesach time - even now - is better.

    The quote mentions spring only once though.


  3. I believe very strongly that Netanyahu was threatened with "get a deal done or else" right after this past Tisha B'Av. Immediately after that the Ba'al Kerry started talking about his nine months to get the deal done. Yes, since there is an Adar Sheini this year, the ninth month is Nisan 5774.

    Yet, the pain and suffering that would have been associated with the nine months would have been in 5773. Since it will happen in 5774, we will see miracles before Nisan, G-d willing.

  4. Zahava/Goldie - I have no explanation. I don't know where A7 drew these quotes from since the original article says it was an "exclusive" interview. I looked to see if a more comprehensive report was available from Maan, but didn't find any.

    However, the important information remains that Spring 2014 is there target date and that fits not only the end of the nine-month process, but coincides with Nisan as well. And as Dov points out, that's only because it's a leap year.

    In any case, I'm very hopeful.

    How else do you reconcile this quote from the Gemara with the idea that Mashiach can come any day? Mashiach can come any day we do teshuva (achisheina), but if we don't he will come at its appointed time (b'ita) which probably is Nisan.

  5. Bibi is Melekh Bela, the only one of the five cities of the plain whose king is NOT named in the four kings against the five kings. It screams out for an explanation. Bela also happened to be the same name as the son of Binyamin ben Ya'akov, and Bela was renamed Tzo'ar. It was not destroyed when S'dom was destroyed because it only had 51 years of accountability for its sins. So think that Bibi is not only Melekh Bela but Av Bela. The other cities had a full 52 years of accountability for its sins. Bibi is now 64 years old. The first 13 years of his life he was NOT accountable for his sins. So this entire year until the 28th of Tishrei 5775, he is like Bela with only 51 years of accountability for its sins. As with the 4 kings against the 5 kings, Tidal Melekh Goyim (Obama) and Chedarla'omer Melekh Eilam (Iran or Persia) will be attacking us in the 14th year since we became enslaved by the world during the Al Aksa Intifada...if they indeed come this Pesach. But while their attack may destroy most of the rest of the world, we will survive...like Tzo'ar did. This is the last thing that Moshe Rabbeinu saw at the end of his life after he saw the evacuation from Kiryat Dekalya (Newe' Dekalim). Bibi was born at the close of the War of Independence. During that war we accrued no sins as opposed to what the entire world thinks. We only started sinning against each other from the year that the war was over starting in 5750, just like Bibi himself. For the first 13 years we were not accountable through 5722 (Fall of 1962). We were then accountable for the next 51 years like Tzoar. Only in this year before we are accountable for a full 52 years are we comparable to Tzo'ar. This argues strongly for an attempt to divide Yerushalayim this year.

    We are all Tzo'ar. The post, bli neder, will be written soon.

  6. Sorry Bela was the firstborn son of Binyamin ben Ya'akov.