21 October 2013

23 Years Gone, But Not Forgotten

18 Marcheshvan 5774

On 18 Marcheshvan 5751, an Arab bullet silenced the voice of Rav Meir David Kahane, may Hashem avenge his blood! But, there is consolation in the number 18 - CHAI!  While our beloved Rav Kahane lives on in Gan Eden, his message lives on in his students, in his videos and in his books and his newspaper articles. They thought they could silence Rav Kahane, but his voice was the voice of Truth and the voice of Truth can never be silenced.

His memory will forever be a blessing to those who knew him and to those who only know him through his students and his videos and his books and newspaper articles. Unfortunately, I never knew of Rav Kahane until after he was gone from this world.  I will forever be grateful to his students who became my teachers and who introduced me to Rav Meir David Kahane - the voice of Truth for our generations.

"I'm all for land for peace. I'll have the land and you'll have the peace...."

NOTE: Official yahrtzeit events in Jerusalem on October 24th, 16:00 at the graveside on Har HaMenuchot and from 18:00 onwards in Heichal David, Oholiav Str. 14, close to the Central Bus Station.


  1. He once came to speak at our Yeshiva when I was in high school.

    Earlier, when I was a kid visiting Israel with my family and visiting Kiryat Arba for a Shabbat, I believe my family was put up in his apartment while his family was away.

    Yehi Zichro Baruch.

  2. I had the very great privilege of learning under his son Binyamin Ze'ev and being acquainted with Binyamin's wife Talya, may Hashem also avenge their blood! I've learned with Lenny Goldberg, Menachem Gottlieb, Rav Yehuda Richter and Rav Levi Hazan, all of whom were close with Rav Meir. Another tragedy is that so few understand how great was the loss for Am Yisrael as well as Medinat Yisrael.

  3. I went to the Rav's kever to daven last night at around 11ish... a full moon was shining over the pine trees onto the tziun and it was absolutely beautiful. I was too young to have really known the Rav while he was still alive but when I was doing tshuva he was the first Torah personality I ever really attached to and I never let go since.

    The rav who was m'karev me in university had hosted Rav Kahane in his shul on Shabbat when he came once to speak to students. I asked him what the Rav was like in person and he told me he'd never met somebody with so much ahavat Yisrael in his entire life.

  4. What amazes me about this embedded video is that the interview could have taken place yesterday or today. It is still so relevant to our current situation.