26 January 2011

More Messages

22 Shevat 5771

Following are some excerpts from the latest messages from the autistics.

MESSAGE FROM YITZCHAK IZIK, Motza”sh Vayigash (11 Dec ’10)

This world is at death’s door and I want to say to you that really, in truth, it is close. But not for no reason. You all don’t understand how really close it is. It’s actually possible to smell it, to taste it, it’s almost here.
[i.e., the death of the old world to be replaced by a new reality. Listen, at no time has this been clearer---Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt falling politically; Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland set to fall economically. Everything is starting to turn over!]

I also want to say to you that Am Yisrael’s situation is so hard and this brings me to tears. Because really very few understand the truth, very few, and not without reason, very few and it appears that very few will survive, and this is very sad.

Right now there is only one thing to do, to hold onto HKB"H. Not to look left or right. I know that the end is close. Don't look left or right. How much Hashem is shaking us and scaring us, and everything; not to abandon us, not to abandon us for a minute. We won't be abandoned, but He shakes us and how many mistakes we make, but if we continue to hold on to Him, then we will survive with Him. He is the one who will rescue us, only Him. He is the Master of the World, and only if we hold onto Him will we survive.

Once again, go by this, only if we hold onto Him, hold onto the rope that is connected to Him, we will survive, we will survive forever. Do you hear? To survive forever! And that's it.

..in truth, the end is arriving fast. And you all want to live, and not only the body, but also the eternal soul. A little more and the great clarification is coming and those who are not ready to receive HKB"H as Master of the World without questions and without hesitations will die, these will perish forever, lo aleynu.

What else is there to do? To implore, to cry, to beg: "Am Yisrael, wake up!

MESSAGE FROM LIPI, Motza"sh Vayera (1 Jan '11)

Menachem is afraid. He doesn't want to hear what there is to tell. I am going to continue where he left off. I am very afraid. Because this will be very scary.

Indeed, there wi be wars, but a person cannot destroy a third or a fourth of the world. Only HKB"H can produce a world and destroy the world. And no other power. This is clear. It's correct that people have really ruined nature, but to completely destroy nature, they're not capable because she belongs to Hashem and not to them. And Hashem won't give it over to them. Id someone or some power were to destroy the world or part of the world, this is only the Master of the World and no other single power.

People, I'm warning you, the Gentiles as well as the Jews. Open up your eyes and see what is happening. Natural disasters, this is the hand of Hashem and this is very clear. All the earthquakes, thousands -thousands in one year. And floods, tsunamis, only HKB"H is able to make. All the snow and the cold, yes, part of this is possibly due to the stopping of the Gulf Stream, but at the end of it, even this comes straight from HKB"H. This is a case of people being Hashem's messengers, but that's not important. It comes from HKB"H. And nature that Hashem created will hit at mankind, at all the insolence, that they think that they can be in place of HKB"H, at all the Gentiles that think it is possible to be rid of the Jews, at all the Jews that want to be like the Gentiles and also be in the place of HKB"H, ch"v. There will remain only those few Jews today who really believe in HKB"H and trust in Him. Those who see the truth, that there is nothing besides Him. That all of the present world is only an illusion and there's nothing else for us except to be with HKB"H and to do His will.

But to great sorrow, people are not frightened. Not at all afraid. The Gentiles are clearly not afraid, generally speaking. And the Jews - Oy to the Jews! HKB"H created this world for our sake, for the sake of the Jews. And where are we? Not with HKB"H, generally speaking. The majority of the Jews are not with HKB"H.

So, what will be? If this will continue, ch"v. And there's not much time, not much time at all. If the Jews will not open their eyes and return in teshuva - they will not be! Do you understand? They will not be. HKB"H needs only to take planet Earth and shift it one centimeter and the resulting tragedies will be able to finish off the majority of mankind. Do you understand this? And we see that this is happening today - tragedies that never have been. One after another. Hashem is warning us, especially Am Yisrael....

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  1. I don't understand what all the fuss is about regarding the words of R. Ben Artzi and the autistics.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEW in their words. Tanach and Chazal are clear that doing averot brings destruction to the world, for Jews and Gentiles. (Chazal speak of a third of the world and the nations that fight the Jews being destroyed, so nothing new there).

    Again, THERE IS NOTHING NEW in these words. The fact that that a person says them means nothing except they are relating words of Torah, which is praiseworthy.

    Whether a Rabbi or an autistic, their words of rebuke are no chiddush, and certainly do not in and of themselves proof advanced levels of spiritual connectedness or levels of ruach hakodesh.