13 January 2011

Eretz Yisrael - "Like the Ark of Noah"

9 Shevat 5771

Just before the advent of the year 5760, the following quotations were widely publicized...

"...Lech Lecha: The Obligation of Aliyah to the Land of Israel," written by Rabbi Mordechai Atiya, cites an ancient midrash from Yalkut Reuveni: "In the (Jewish) year of 5760, the depths will rise up and flood the world, and there will remain the Land of Israel, which will be like the Ark of Noah."
Another work, "Chesed L'Avraham," by Rabbi Avraham Azuli, mentions that the amount of water in a Mikvah (ritualarium) equals a volume of 5760 eggs. He goes on to write in Chapter 59: "And the secret of the matter is that at the end of the year 5760 of creation, the verse from the Prophet Zecharya 13:2, 'I shall remove the impure spirit from the world,' will come to pass, and the verse in Leviticus 26:6: 'And I will abolish the evil animal from the world,' will be fulfilled. This refers to the removal of the forces of impurity, as mentioned in the Zohar."

Going into the twelfth year of this process, it's very plain to see that the world is being immersed in water, one piece at a time. If you were designated for a spot on the ark in Noah's time and simply refused to take it, you'd have looked like a fool wouldn't you? Is it really any different today?

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