07 October 2008

More on Number Seven

After Rosh Hashana I posted the following image along with a short analysis referring to the significance of the number seven:

For your further interest see Hidabroot's video Lucky Number Seven.

Quoting Rabbi Zamir Cohen: "Kabbala maintains that this special number holds the secret to greater wealth and prosperity, tranquility, security and joy:the number seven holds these all."
On Rosh Hashana, the 777 historic one-day point drop, 7% of the total value of the stock market, heralded just the opposite. Instead of greater wealth, it heralded less wealth; instead of prosperity, it portended poverty; instead of tranquility and security, upheaval and uncertainty. It was anything but joyous on the trading floors.

Like a neon flashing sign, this number should be pointing us directly to Hashem, the source of all abundance. Only by following the set of instructions He gave us, our Holy Torah, can the world prosper and succeed in Truth and honest business without exploitation or subjugation.

The warped Western value system and false financial system must give way to the Torah ideal as exemplified in Eretz Yisrael under the leadership of Mashiach Tzidkeynu, may we see it very soon in these days!

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  1. I wanted to share this with you...
    Body Found on Island Pushes Ike Death Toll to 72

    Tuesday, October 7, 2008 8:30 PM

    GALVESTON, Texas -- An animal control officer stumbled across the body of a Hurricane Ike victim on an island near where the storm slammed ashore last month, bringing the national death toll to 72.

    The Galveston Medical Examiner's Office said the unidentified victim was found Monday on Goat Island, a narrow point of uninhabited land off the devastated Bolivar Peninsula. This was the fifth Hurricane Ike victim found on the island.

    Monday's discovery pushed Ike's toll in Texas to 37.

    More than 1 million people evacuated the Texas coast because of Ike. The storm caused flooding and deaths as far away as Pennsylvania and Illinois.