29 October 2008

Election Fever

You can hear a lot of comments on the US elections these days, even in Israel where even in Jerusalem, the mayoral campaign takes a back seat to what is happening across the ocean. They always evoke a reaction from me, but I try not to give voice to them.

I overheard someone say that although they didn't expect their vote to count for much "at least I felt I tried."

My thoughts: This could be one of the major drawbacks to the democratic system. It gives people a false sense of empowerment. The entire thing could be manipulated from higher up and behind the scenes, but the whole process of going to the polls can be used to pacify and control the masses, making them believe that they can actually do something to change their fate despite the fact that no matter who they vote for they get the same policies.

Just yesterday, I heard a woman remark in regard to voting, "Good luck to all of us" with the same angst that usually accompanies the phrase, "G-d help us all" and I wondered if maybe she was putting too much faith in the democratic process and not enough in HKB"H.

But then, we all knew that right alongside the Dollar idol, there stands the Democracy idol. All of the idols have to fall, just as each plague in Egypt destroyed one of their false gods, so, too now; which is another good reason to believe that there is bound to be some serious event fouling up the "Democratic Process"---cancellation / postponement due to, disqualification, assassination, natural disaster or some other act of G-d. Take your pick.

Other thoughts on the elections...

It's certainly no coincidence that the current leaders of the Edomite regime (US), the Yishmaelite regime (PA) and the Erev Rav regime (IL) are all scheduled for replacement at approximately the same time.

US Pres George W Bush 20 Jan 2009 (24 Tevet 5769)
PA Pres Mahmoud Abbas 9 Jan 2009 (13 Tevet 5769)
IL PM Ehud Olmert 10 Feb 2009 (16 Shevat 5769)

You do realize that the "piece" process is really being driven by these three parties? The rest of the world just goes along.

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