09 April 2019

No Spring Planting Season in 2019???

4 Nisan 5779

(Remember THIS?)
Early spring storm threatens central U.S. with blizzard conditions
Many areas of the Midwest that basked in sunny, mid-70-degree weather on Monday will likely be shivering under a blanket of snow within 48 hours.

"All of these weather elements mean one thing, a very impactful event," the weather service's Minneapolis office said. "This would include widespread travel impacts, and the anticipating of more river flooding once this all melts in the next week."
Trump's behind-the-scenes machinations on behalf of his overlords is bringing destruction on America.

You know why he had to backtrack so quickly off closing the border with Mexico?  Someone finally informed the President that half of the food American's eat comes from Mexico!


  1. Ilhan Omar, 5th District House of Representative representing Minneapolis is an Antisemite.

    1. An OPEN antisemite. Most non-Jews are antisemites, just hidden.