04 April 2019


28 Adar II 5779

Israeli politics has reached a new low.  And they did this by trying to imitate America.  Instead of outlining what each party stands for and what the public has to gain from voting for them, they list all the sins of their competitors.  They are using an US vs. THEM strategy, coupled with fear tactics, to bully the public, claiming that if you don't vote for them, the other guy is so bad and so dangerous, you'll be very sorry.

Increasing the percentage a party must have to even enter the Knesset is leading us slowly towards a two-party system where people really don't have a choice at all.  Already, you can see from the Gantz/Netanyahu contest that they want to bring it really to just two sides of the same coin. There is no right or left on a coin, just two different images of the same thing - a superficial difference only.

By blocking every attempt Eli Yishai made to join with another party, the establishment has once again (after Rabbi Kahane in 1988) disenfranchised at least 100,000 people's right to choose their representation.  So much for their vaunted "democracy!"  You have to ask yourself, why was Eli Yishai seen as the only viable threat?

So, left with no one to vote for, I won't be voting.  It was never about winning anyway, there is no way to "win" when you are forced to join with anti-Torah, anti-God elements.  There will be no "winning" for the Yirei Shamayim until a Redeemer comes to Zion and "throws the bums out!"

Let's not forget why we are even having elections at this time.  The government was brought down in order to establish a coalition that would support and implement the "Deal of the Century" when it is released.  That's the only reason!  And the "right-wing and religious" parties are going to be in shock when Netanyahu and Gantz agree to cooperate and form a unity coalition to do just that.  They have to, there is no other way to do it.  The Arab news is even reporting today that the plan will be released on May 15th - the date the US recognizes as the birth of the State of Israel.

Tough times ahead.  Keep the faith! God fulfills His promises without fail.


  1. Eli Yishai did not rally 100K to vote for him last time around, since he teamed up with Otzma Yehudit. To say 100K are disenfranchised this time around is not even speculation. It's plain wrong. It was humble and proper of him to withdraw.

    1. No, Shimshon, you are wrong. Yachad opened voting on their website, since no polls included the party and over 100,000 people voted their support including me and all members of my family.

  2. Bs''d

    is it just me that do not read left things and see it like that...this Gans (goose in Dutch) he looks like Ehud Olmert, doesn't he? Same way as the head of Pere s looked like Rot child. Is it coincidence?
    Let them fight for the 'gun ver ment' and let's pray for the Kingdom.
    Someone not connected to Marx and all after, but the one, that follow and live the Torah and teach this to his children.
    We want a good king that let us serve Hashem fully, right???
    We want all what commes with mashiah, right?
    Bet ha Mikdash, Sanhedrin, Just, Emet, Trumot ve Maaserot, Korbanot, non stop Torah study, but first, to clean out the Amalek...?
    Are we ready for this?
    How many of us wait for this?
    He might be the 'BIG' nose....smelling everything without looking in the eyes or the appearance...
    Who may enter the Bet ha Mikdash?
    Who may stay?
    Who will fight him?
    Will all the mamzerim fight him also?
    When we waited for the Torah at HAR SINAI,
    They killed HUR.
    They, the people of Moshe....
    They scared Aharon with that so much, that for a moment, he feared them more then Hashem.
    May it be a king that we do not serve but he with us the ONLY KING, our ABBA!
    Is there a person like this out there?
    Humble enough to understand that to be a KING, means to be a SERVANT???
    Are we still awake enough to remind us to this, or are we zombies on the gadgets that are getting nudges every minutes to do something for the other side?
    Do we need the king, or first a big WAR to wake up from our slavery???
    Whats the situation?
    How many of us are not yet lost in the CHOSHEH?????
    Are we awake?
    Are we waiting?
    Are we ready to receive mashiah?
    Are we ready to be ONE, AM ECHAD with the ONE, Hashem Himself leading us???
    Are we ready to be more then just BEHEMA WITH OR WHITHOUT GADGETS?
    Do we know why we eat KEVEZ?
    Do we know that RAHAMIM is not just Chesed?
    Do we know that our DNA needs the CHITA (and not some replacement) to be truly part of the KINGDOM?
    Do we know that Yayin must be pure and with the SOD and what it really means?
    Are we ready to enter?
    May it be so!
    Be ready!