06 July 2017

How Much Lower Can We Go?

12 Tamuz 5777

Two articles caught my attention and made me ask myself how much lower can our people go?
“It’s very disappointing to us. It’s another example of our calendar not being respected,” said Adam Organ, Executive Director of the Raleigh-Cary Jewish Community Center.
...Several Jewish groups have marched in the parade in recent years.
Carolina Jews for Justice said in a statement that: “No group of people, Jewish or otherwise, should have to choose between our LGBTQ identities and the other identities that are important to us and shape our lives.”
What are they upset about? That the holiness of the day is being marred by the public celebration of what is sin even for gentiles? No! They are upset that if they go to pray in the synagogue on Yom Kippur, they will be forced to miss out on the celebration.
Bentching on a Treif Hamburger, RL
by Rabbi Yair Hoffman for the Five Towns Jewish Times
A RELIGIOUS FRIEND WHO WORKS in an office in Manhattan related the following story:
A formerly observant colleague came into my office and said, “You are going to find what I did this past Shabbos pretty bizarre. I had a Slider at White Castle – and they are the best burgers by the way – before I took a trip. After I ate the burger, I bentched and said Tefilas haDerech.”
The incident is certainly quite sad. It should motivate us all to double down our efforts in bringing our estranged brethren back to their Torah birthright. The episode, however, does bring up a halachic question. Should someone who has consumed a treif burger bentch afterward?
What the rabbi in the article does not address is the additional question of saying Tefilat HaDerech before traveling on Shabbat

If the man had any yirat Shamayim, he would have been too ashamed to address HKB"H in the midst of his sinful behavior. Without yirat Shamayim, why pray at all? Better not to draw attention to yourself.