26 July 2017

Eizeh Fashla! Eizeh Busha!

Av 5777

A "Right-Wing" Likud-led government with all the "religious" parties in its coalition has proven that our redemption will never come by means of this failed Zionist regime. It's time we owned up to that fact. Nothing has made it clearer than the events of this week.
  • Arab-Muslim men carry weapons onto Temple Mount and use them to kill two Israeli-Druze policemen.
  • Israel closes the Mount and installs security measures at all entrances to catch any future weapons smuggling into the compound.
  • Arab-Muslims riot. Imams incite.
  • An innocent Jewish family pays the ultimate price, an Arab-Muslim "neighbor" butchers four of its members "for the sake of Al-Aqsa.
  • An Arab-Muslim Jordanian attacks an Israeli Embassy guard who shoots and kills his attacker and an "innocent" bystander. 
  • He and the Embassy staff are held hostage until the recently installed security apparatus is dismantled from the Temple Mount gates.
  • US envoy Greenblatt travels to Amman, PM Netanyahu speaks to King Abdullah by phone.
  • The Israeli Embassy guard and staff are released and returned to Israel.
  • The Security Cabinet meets.
  • The metal detectors are removed, cameras previously installed and approved by the WAKF are removed.
  • "Smart technologies" are to be employed sometime in the future on the Mount at a cost to Israeli taxpayers of 100 million sheqels.
  • PM Netanyahu smiles and takes a bow.
The State cannot protect its police, it can't protect its citizens, it can't protect its sovereignty. It can't formulate a policy and stick to it. But, it can pay out huge sums of money. 

Where is the famous Jewish pride that Zionism is supposed to guarantee as every Jew's birthright? There is no Jewish pride in capitulation to foreign powers and subservience to Islam and its atrocities. Might as well take this flag down...

And replace it with one of these.

If I really thought I was living in a Jewish State and this was the flowering of my redemption, I'd be mightily tempted to look for an exit. Because this is no Zionist dream, it's a Zionist nightmare. And there is no political party that can make a difference. The whole thing is rotten through and through.

Sure, some poll claims 77% of the Israeli public (which is likely 100% of the Jewish Israeli public) is unhappy with the way the Prime Minister has handled this "crisis". However, they still are not ready to accept that the flaw is with the system, not who occupies the PM's office. What is their knee-jerk response? Elect Bennet, elect Feiglin! I don't understand why they can't see that anyone who aspires to this office will still be hamstrung and constrained by the current democratic system and its coalition politics.

I think the root problem of why we seem to be stuck in a rut, constantly repeating the same errors over and over again with seemingly no way out of the destructive loop is our flawed concept of what the State represents and our relationship to it.

It might be worth repeating here something I wrote in 2002 with reference to the "birthpangs" analogy:
...at conception, the developing embryo implants itself in the wall of the womb by means of a vital structure called the placenta. This blood and nutrient-rich organ is the life-sustaining source for all the physical needs of the fetus during the entire term of gestation and this is its sole purpose and function. When the infant has entered the world, nature itself condemns the placenta for destruction, as it now serves no further use. 
...The Land of Israel and the People of Israel---together---are the laboring woman. Only Am Israel living on the soil of Eretz Israel will give birth to the Torah-government headed by Mashiach ben David, which will itself be the vehicle for the Complete Redemption---may it come speedily in our days! 
If this analogy holds true, it is easier to understand the relationship of the secular Zionist state to the eventual Torah-based government of Mashiach which will bring true peace and the knowledge of The One G-d to the whole world. The “Zionist entity” serves as the ‘placenta’ until which time as it becomes irrelevant. It is a grave mistake to confuse the two constructs. Who, with his eyes fixed on the birth of his long-anticipated and anxiously-awaited son, would desire the bloody placenta over the infant? There are clear signs even now that the ‘placenta’ is breaking down and losing its ability to nurture the nearly viable fetus. On the contrary, if labor did not spontaneously begin at the pre-determined end of the gestation period, it must be induced, because the placenta will begin to destruct within the womb and instead of ensuring life will actually become a threat to the life of the unborn child. 
All the physical signs point to this birth being long overdue. And surely, even now, HKB"H is inducing the labor.

I'm looking forward to raising a flag like this...

...sometime very soon!


  1. Yesher Shkoyach! Somebody has guts to call the things the way they are, the "Zionist king" is naked. I hope people will wake up from their illusions/propaganda to see the truth. Kol kavod Dvorah!

  2. Devash,
    Kol HaKavod!!! As usual your comments are right on target. It seems that the war for the hearts and minds of the Jewish People is increasing with each passing moment. Gog and Magog may be going on elsewhere right now, but the biggest battle is on our own soil and in our own minds and hearts. When will we ever listen to and submit to the words of the Torah??? Enough is enough...may we all arise and shine for our light has come (see Is. 60:1). It is time for the gross darkness to end. Am Yisroel it is time for Teshuva and to quit listening the Spies. We can do it if we will let HKB"H do it.

    1. Kol HaKavod!!! People are realizing that things have to change and that we need Mashiach and for the Jews to make Aliyah. Hashem is turning up the heat throughout the world and begging that Jews make Aliyah. The real Jews that will listen to Mashiach and follow the Torah. Not the JINO (that do not keep the Mitzvot), The Witches of the Wall, or Jews for J****.

    2. statistically, Hashem is turning up the heat in Eretz Yisrael - it's physically safer in chu"l. How many Jews have been killed in chu"l in the last 10 years? And in E. Yisrael? We need teshuvah, not aliyah. Or rather, aliyah in middos, in Torah, in mitzvos. Hashem can and will redeem us from all over the world.

    3. Anonymous I think you're right. The problem is that Eretz Yisrael is too Holy to tolerate the shmutz, lack of tsnius, and off-the-derech Jews, so that is why the heat is being turned up so high there. I live in New York, aka the toilet bowl of the world, so the standards are not so high. I would love to get out of here but family situation does not yet allow. I'm praying that Hashem cleans up our homeland and lifts us out of here and deposits us in a clean, safe place to serve Him as He intended.

  3. Devash, it's time you move to the States. Enough is enough! זכש

    1. Why there? Not much difference between the two right now as far as I can see.

  4. Excellent post - Yashser Koach! Also, excellent two comments above. There should have been a backlash by the Jews of Israel at the time of the infamous Oslo; since then, as bad as things were, it just went downhill at lightening speed. Still hard to believe what's happening and all the desecrations that take place. We really need for the whole nation to do teshuvah - NOw.

  5. Agree with all comments above - and I love your flag, Devash, even if it doesn't end up being the one we use. At the very least, you got it started.