20 July 2017

Are We There Yet?

26 Tamuz 5777

Not yet, but we're getting close.

A thousand years after political Rome had fallen and Christian Rome had replaced it as empire, "Rome" divided itself between East (Orthodox Church/Russia) and West (Catholic Church/US).

Interesting how West went partners with Evangelicalism (pro-Israel) and the East with Islam (pro-Arab).

As the circle closes on history, are we now witnessing the reunification of these two halves of Eisav at the End of Days?

Trump Russian contacts pre-election
US/Russian cooperation in Syria

Kushner and Greenblatt in Israel pushing a peace process

Russia and Iran on Israel's northern border

...Just thinking out loud.


  1. the israeli govt. will not tolerate Iran in Syria or Lebanon, ie, which means war.
    Either Israel will take action, or the US will take action. thinking online!

    1. Doesn't it seem like our borders are getting awfully crowded? There are foreign troops of every stripe in the Sinai, in Jordan, all along the Syrian/Lebanese border and even China has a warship floating around the Med with the US, Russia, EU, etc. Not to mention the US ship in Haifa port. Is this a slow gathering of "Gog" forces poised for a lightning invasion of EY under the guise of fighting ISIS? That's what I am thinking! ;-)

    2. Actually its part of the final redemption. The accumulation of ammunition et al., is referenced in the “gogumagog” scenario which was enumerated by the speaker on the video over at ShiratDevorah. The speaker went into all the references in TNaCH and one such described that all this “stuff” aboard the vessels etc. will be put to use by Israel after the WAR. It is beneficial to hear his collection of gogumagog references.

  2. Love that picture Devash

  3. Devash, agree. Always wondering why are there troops and bases, etc. of other nations in the country and on the borders? Don't others ever bother wondering why. So, am thinking I really believe this is the way the nations are gathering for the ultimate milchamah.

  4. why do you see the west as pro-israel? never was, never will be. russia is actually a better friend or rather, a milder enemy. closer to us in morality too.