17 October 2013


14 Marcheshvan 5774

From the world's point of view...

Israel was pushing the US and others to attack Syria and then a new day dawned and a diplomatic solution was found. Syria's chemical weapons stores are reportedly being dismantled as I write this and "peace talks" between the Assad regime and the "opposition" are in the works.

Israel was pushing the US and others to attack Iran and suddenly, a new day dawned and another diplomatic solution was found. Talks have begun and Iran is "hinting" at "significant concessions" on its nuclear program.

From the world's point of view...

There's hope that a corner has been turned and that WW3 has been avoided. Maybe when the world powers stepped back from the brink back in September it was a major turning point. Maybe diplomacy really will win out over brute-force war.

But, there stands Bibi Netanyahu with a scowl on his face and a grim, but determined look in his eye. "IRAN MUST BE STOPPED. IT CAN NOT BE ALLOWED TO POSSESS NUCLEAR WEAPONS."

Netanyahu's whole life has been leading up to this moment. His destiny awaits. While the whole world celebrates the victory of diplomacy, Israel under the leadership of Bibi Netanyahu will shove the world over the cliff and into the abyss.

And Israel will be to blame. And Jews everywhere will be to blame.

Take special note...

A story leaked by Washington to caution Netanyahu

US watching for signs of Israeli strike on Iran


  1. You always sound very negative, like End of USA , WW3 and here you go, it is all Bibi's fault. Moshiach time is the time when Israel will not depend on anyone to make moves or decisions.
    Not that we all die:)!

  2. Whether it's negative or positive is all a matter of perspective. From my point of view, the collapse of America (Exile Edom) is a positive development. The same goes for WW3. Think about it. WW2 was a positive - it got rid of the Third Reich. As I tried to portray, it is the world who will blame Netanyahu and by extension all Jews. Not me. It's something Jews need to be prepared for, psychologically if no other way. Maybe you hadn't noticed but Mashiach hasn't yet arrived. And our prophets tell us that A LOT of people ARE going to die - hopefully only the evil ones.

  3. devorah, what happened to the r' nir ben artzi translations???

  4. They are where they've always been. If you mean why haven't they been updated, I'm no longer translating them.