13 October 2013

Discussion with Moishe'la: "Now We Are Orphans"

10 Marcheshvan 5774


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
Cheshvan 3rd '5774 (Oct 7 '13)


Today we have entered a new phase in the process of ridding ourselves of this terrible diaspora and bringing us to the Geula. The last of the great Tzaddikim of this generation, of the great Rabbonim that had tremendous influence on most of the Jewish world has been taken from us. I can say for sure that we are now officially Yesomim (orphans). We are orphans, we are alone and even though there are still Rabbonim, it is different. Those that have left us came from a generation that was much more truthful and they influenced a great part of the Jewish world. Now the last of them has been taken from us.

Of course, Boruch Hashem, we still have a few Tzaddikim left but they cannot take upon themselves the huge task of being leader and father and spiritual mentor to much of Klal Yisrael, not only to one small group.

Don’t think that Hashem took Harav Ovadya Zt"l in order to help us, in order to make our lives easier, in order to bring a Kappara for us. Harav Ovadya Zt"l and Harav Elyashev Zt"l and all the great Rabbonim that were taken from us in the last 68 years did not leave this world to make it easier on us. They were taken to make it easier on them, because what is waiting for us is very very difficult, and what is waiting for them is the most splendid, choicest spots in Gan Eden.

We remain here and we may look forward now from this moment on to a great descent into difficult times. We will have to find the truth for ourselves. We won't be able to be sure if we attach ourselves to a Rav if he's a Rav of truth or not. We will have to look only to Hashem Himself to help us get through this terribly lonely time. In this noisy world, this world of action and violence, this world of lies and deceit, we will just have to find the time and place where we can be alone and just talk to Hashem without confusion.

We must try to feel exactly what Hashem wants from us and try very hard to Daven and attain the Emes.

I'm sorry that I cry so much .Writing this message has brought out of me more pain. The Tzaddikim of today are great according to this Dor, but now when one of the greatest has been taken away we are left with no shield, except our own Teshuva, Torah and Mitzvos. As you know this is a lowly generation.

Hashem put the world into a new mode. We are now coming into the last stages before the Geula Sheleimah. But now the final distance to the Geula could be as hard as the thousands of years of Golus compacted in a much shorter time.

It is very sad and I beg Hashem to help me know what to do. The pain will be so strong, but with Hashem's help all true Jews will manage with Hashem's kindness to greet Moshiach Tzidkainu.

Rav Ovadya was sent to save the Sephardi world of Torah and Mitzvos that for so many generations was the elite of the world. Many of these Kehillos like the European Jews fell very hard with the introduction of the Haskolah.

After the Europeans conquered Middle Eastern countries like Morocco etc., many so-called enlightened Jews moved there infecting their Sephardi neighbors with their newfound lax attitude in Torah observance. In Eretz Yisroel the Sephardic Jews lost most of their Yiddishkeit due to the bad Influence of the Israeli, Ashkenazi, non-religious, community. So Hashem sent a personality who helped pull up a whole generation that was almost lost to Yiddishkeit. This giant personality managed with Hashem's help to put thousands of Sephardic Bochurim back into Yeshivas. He helped to bring the parents of these Bochurim back to the Mesorah of their forefathers.

He helped create a new generation of Sephardim that were proud of their heritage. Many are in Ashkenazi Yeshivas now, but now many more are proud of their Sephardi Heritage and prefer Sephardi Yeshivas.

Since the first great Aliya of Sephardi Jews, they were treated very badly in the state of Israel. In most cases they were considered second class citizens. Rav Ovadya helped bring these people up to realize their rich heritage and to reignite their love of Hashem and his Torah. Sephardi Jews were still strong in their observance of Torah and Mitzvahs until they came to Medinas Yisroel. Here they became distant from their Mitzvah observance. However because in their hearts most Sephardi Jews have kept a strong love of Hashem and have kept the great Mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha they kept the link alive with their great ancestors.

Reb Ovadya was a real Ish Emes, even though many could argue about his Zionistic leaning. He was a Yid that did everything to separate his Kehillah from the Chiloni world, and proof of this is how many true Baalai Teshuva were influenced by Rav Ovadya.

Thousands of Torahdik homes have been built by those who he influenced to become Baalai Teshuva. These Baalai Teshuva's sons learn in Charaidi Yeshivas and their daughters in Charaidi schools. The young generation of these Baalai Teshuva are continuing in the direction of true Yiddishkeit. Our generation is well known as the weakest generation ever and it wasn’t easy what Rav Ovadyah, Be'ezras Hashem, accomplished. He bent a little here and there, but we cannot criticize him. He loved every Yid and he was a giant in Torah knowledge and everything he did to save Am Yisroel was according to Torah.

The few Tzaddikim that are left cannot take Am Yisroel on their shoulders in the same way that those greats of the past did, and therefore this is almost the end of the Golus as we know it and the beginning of a short journey through no-man's land. Now each person will be on his own searching for a Kesher between him and Hakodosh Boruch Hu. There will be terrible times of confusion now and it has actually already started.
We will have to do without leaders. Maybe some Tzaddikim will help us find our way individually. At some point Am Yisroel will be separated from the Erev Rav completely. At first we will all be frightened but true Yidden will see it's only for our good.

Yes, Mommy I know how hard it will be but until we reach the Geula Shelaima we will suffer much. Hold onto Emunah and Bitachon in Hashem. If you fall unwillingly, just get up and do Teshuvah and keep going. Don’t think you'll get to the knowledge of Hashem's existence by not doing Mitzvos and learning Torah. When you truly recognize Hashem, you will also recognize the fact that a person's only Tafkid in life is to do Hashem's will and we were created to grow and thrive only when we do His will.

If you have a true Tzaddik stay with him. He will be able to help you greet Moshiach. There will be all kinds of Jews that will try to lead but in the end they will fall because they are not on the side of Truth. Beware of the false prophets that will appear during this difficult time.

I do feel Am Yisrael has had a great loss. We are so alone now, and while we must not be sad for too long and we must not dwell on the fact that we feel now so alone and abandoned. We must pull ourselves together and try very hard to come as close as possible, each individual, to Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

We are going into the last test before the great explosion begins and now we can see much more clearly that the world has become a dark fearful place. A person won’t have anywhere to escape to, no one to cry and tell our troubles to. We have no one, only directly to Hashem. Those who do not feel closeness to Hashem will not know what I'm talking about and those poor souls who cannot make contact because they are so heavy with their Gashmius, those Jews can never rise high enough to feel that contact with our Creator. But if we become lighter and more refined and more detached from the Olam Hazeh then we can reach the greatest of heights and even without our greatest Rabbonim to guide us. We can still save ourselves and our families and come close to our Creator.

I know that Harav Ovadya had many followers and Harav Ovadya was a man of truth. Sometimes he said the truth so bluntly that people didn’t know what to do or how to react but that was because they were living a lie and the plain truth was too hard for them to digest. Harav Ovadya had people that liked him more and liked him less but no one can deny he was a great Talmid Chachom. No one can deny that he was a kind father to streams of Yidden that came to him for help and for Chizuk.

No one can say that he didn’t love Am Yisroel because he loved Am Yisroel very much. His greatness was his love for Am Yisroel, and his tremendous Torah knowledge which he used to help Am Yisroel. He definitely was a man Leshem Shomayim, even though he was the leader of a political party. I just beg those who are his followers to emulate him and not start fighting over politics. I beg those that followed him when he was alive to keep his truth and guard it and don’t get into clashes with each other which will create a tremendous Chillul Hashem. Unfortunately human nature is human nature and when we don’t have greatness to help us to control our worst side then everything can go out of control.

No, we must not care what others do. Each one of us has to take ourselves in hand and search only for the truth, live only by the truth and whoever wants to live by the truth Hashem will guide them to the Emes.

We must all, Ashkenazi and Sephardi Charaidi and Chiloni realize our tremendous loss today and that this is the beginning of a new phase, a new time, a new hope. The prophecy has come true that the generation before Moshiach will be orphans, and will not have the greatness of the great Rabbonim to guide us. We've seen clearly with our own eyes that when Harav Ovadya exited this world Hashem put us into a new situation which was foretold .We should be encouraged and know that means that Moshiach is definitely soon to be revealed. It cannot be otherwise.

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