28 March 2008


Sorry to insert this after my week-ending signature, but I just read the following and felt it must go out as soon as possible to anyone who may read this before Shabbat begins.

May we all merit a peaceful Shabbat in which we can connect to our Creator with real love and teshuva and come away from it strengthened and purified for a great week to come.

Excerpts from Rabbi Lazer Brody:

Emuna News Special Report: The Sword on Israel's Jugular

...Our veteran readers and friends know that we are anything but doomsday prophets. Those who know Rav Shalom Arush shlit'a know that he is the happiest of people and always smiling. But of late, as one of this generation's holiest and righteous men, he has taken the burden of the Jewish people, particularly those in Israel, on his shoulders. In the last two months, he has aged ten years. His eyes are bloodshot from crying to Hashem, praying for the people of Israel for hours on end.

...The people of Israel stand in the shadow of a dark cloud of severe judgment. We must drop everything and return to Hashem. For those that think we're daft, pour yourself another expresso and delete the Beams from your favorites list. For those of you that have the slightest trust in me, please do your utmost to strengthen your emuna and do genuine teshuva.

...If you think you'll be cushy in Thornhill or in Great Neck while missiles are falling on Israel, you're wrong this time. Hashem is judging us this very moment. The evening of Shabbat Parah is time to purify ourselves.

Also of note from Akiva @ Mystical Paths: Basra

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