04 July 2022

The Daily News - Is It All About "Gas"?

5 Tammuz 5782

In 1989, a newspaper article appeared which featured an interview with a man identified as Dr. David Golander in which he claims to have brought a "A Warning to the American-Jewish Community" from a band of  "secret kabbalists" in Jerusalem.  

“I have come here to warn the Jews and to call upon them to move to Israel; for those who will not (move to Israel) will be harmed. This will happen due to anti-Semitism that will in a short time spread throughout the United States. Anyone who trivializes the signs of the coming anti-Semitism will be lost, similar to those who were lost during the plague of darkness that struck Egypt (during the Exodus). With this same energy, the process of the redemption begins, and soon after this will be revealed the one who is to lead it.”

Among the list of signs he predicts will be seen at this time is the following: 

...Israel will have war with seven western nations and Russia.  The United States will abandon us, as they did Vietnam and Lebanon.  The war will begin with a gas attack; every event in the Land will be tied to gas.

This statement immediately conjures up the image of gas masks, but what if it's not talking about chemical warfare?  The crazy amount of news coverage devoted to "gas" right now might indicate something else entirely.

There is definitely a message in here somewhere, if only we could discern it.


  1. This article sounds interesting and prescient. Is the entire text available?

    Golander sounds like an Anglicized form of Gelernter. Is anything more known about him or those he claimed to represent?

    1. Not that I know of, Shimshon. Send me an email to tdnjslm@gmail.com and I will forward you a copy of it.

  2. Was the prediction for 1989, or for today? Timing is everything...

  3. How many more messages do we need? It's not as if most Jews are paying attention anyway.

    The Pittsburg massacre was on the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht. 80 is gvurot. Rav Anava spoke about this (the gvurot). Pittsburg was truly the beginning of the end. But apart from a few more security guards and cameras it's business as usual.